Clipstone Dog and Grit Bins

This map shows where Grit and Dog bins are situated around Clipstone. Please find below further details on these bins.

Key: Yellow = Grit Bins, Red = Dog Bins

Grit Bins

There are various grit bins around the village as indicated on the map. They are a free-to-use facility for residents for pavements and roads.

The yellow grit bins are provided by Nottinghamshire County Council Highways department and they will fill the bins for use during treacherous weather.

The blue grit bins are provided by Clipstone Parish Council and are intended to be filled by residents although we generally take this responsibility.

If you believe there is a good case for a new grit bin on your street, please discuss this with the neighbours (particularly those closest to the proposed siting!) before reporting the issue to the Parish Council.

Report empty bins to:

For yellow bins,
Notts County Council Highways
Or customer services on 0300 500 80 80

For blue bins,
Clipstone Parish Council 01623 626857

Dog Bins

The red bins around the village for dog waste are provided by Clipstone Parish Council. The Council also pay Newark and Sherwood District Council to have the bins emptied on a weekly or fortnightly basis. If you find that a bin is overflowing, please report it to us on 01623 626857 quoting the location and the serial number of the bin (bottom left hand corner). You are welcome to use standard waste bins for bagged dog waste if there is no dog bin available.

We can arrange to have the waste collections increased or in some circumstances, have an extra bin installed.

If you see an instance of dog fouling, please report it to Newark and Sherwood District Council on 01636 650000. If you know the dog breed or the owner concerned, any extra details will assist in enforcement action.

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