Clipstone Parish Council Meeting Minutes April 2013


Councillors - Mr Dave Thompson (Acting Chair), Mr Gary Adams, Mrs Barbara Brownley, Mr Mark Dabbs, Mr Robert Vilinskis

Speakers - Mr Dave Mantle (SR Education), Mr Stan Crawford (Sherwood and Newark Citizen's Advice Bureau)

5 members of the public

  1. Apologies

    Mrs Sheila Soar

  2. Chairs Report

    The Chair explained 2013-14 had been a busy but productive year with three new members joining the Parish Council and a new Parish Worker being recruited.

    There had been a significant investment in the buildings and land owned by the Council, notably at the Village Hall. Here insulation, solar thermal panels, new lighting and windows had been installed to make it more comfortable for users and cheaper to run. Also the hall had been redecorated and its floor renovated and marked for different sports to accommodate more activities. Thanks were recorded for the funders and to Mr Michael Hawthorne for his efforts in pulling together the successful bid.

    Improvements had also been carried out to the former Squash and Sauna Centre so that the building could be let. It is pleasing to see the building now occupied and providing opportunities to local young people.

    Looking ahead, there are some major challenges facing the Parish Council with an anticipated reduction in the parish precept. There is also a risk of expensive litigation as a result of a land dispute.

    Opportunities are still presenting themselves and the Parish Council had appointed Groundwork Creswell, Ashfield and Mansfield to help secure a skate park in the village. Plans had been prepared and a consultation event organised to seek the views of young people

  3. Finance Report

    An increase in both income and expenditure was reported during year ending 31st March as a result of receipt of £30,000 section 106 monies from the District Council and investment in the Village Hall, former Squash and Sauna Centre and in the Cemetery buildings.

    Expenditure exceeded income by circa £1500 but income totalling some £24,000 is expected shortly from Severn Trent (refund of water charges), BRE (grant for Village Hall improvements) and the annual VAT reclaim.

    Year end accounts are being prepared in readiness for assessment by the internal auditor and for consideration by the Parish Council. They will then be available for inspection by the general public.

  4. Community Education Project

    SR Education, a private training and education company, has established a vocational, sports based project for 16-18 year olds who are not in employment, education or training. The training offered depends on the existing skill levels and abilities of the individuals concerned. The initial intake from September 2012 consisted of 15 young men, all of whom are still on the programme. It is hoped to host an event in the summer to celebrate and share their successes.

    The project is now based in the former Squash and Sauna centre, in which further investment has been made to create a better teaching area. There are also plans for further work so the centre could assist adults in the evening.

    Opportunities for both young women and men to start the next course in September will be advertised shortly.

  5. Activities of Citizens' Advice Bureau

    It was reported that 2012/13 had also been a very busy year for the CAB locally and one of significant change. Funding had been secured to expand the service into Newark, and premises are being established. To reflect this change, a name change to Sherwood & Newark CAB had been agreed.

    There are, however, still considerable pressures on the service, with the withdrawal of the legal services contract and a reduction on the availability of legal aid. Demand has also increased and with the implementation of welfare reforms, is expected to continue to rise.

    It was confirmed the Parish Council had budgeted to support the CAB as the benefit of the outreach service provided to the residents of the Village was recognised. It was also suggested, the Village Hall could be made available free of charge for advice sessions.

  6. Plans for Skate Park

    Designs displayed for information. All present asked to encourage young people to attend consultation event planned for 24 April (3.30pm to 6pm at the Village Hall).

  7. County Council Matters

    No report submitted with election pending on 2 May.

  8. District Council Matters

    Nothing to report.

  9. Update from other local organisations

    Jeanne Raspin, Sherwood East Children's Centre, gave an outline of the work of the centre and advised they could now offer support and assistance to families with children up to the age of 12.

    Posters and leaflets promoting the different services are distributed for display in the Village Hall and in other notice boards. Copies of The Voice newsletter are available on request. This could be used to promote other local events.

    Clare Francis, Clipstone Welfare Colts, explained they provided activities for boys and girls aged 7 to 16. With the 50th anniversary of the club, it was hoped to raise sufficient funds by way of celebration.

    It was agreed the Parish Council would consider their request at meeting in July.

    Jim Gibson, First Clipstone Scouts, explained they were a totally voluntary organisation, providing activities for 60-70 young people each week. They would also appreciate further funding from the Parish Council to support their work.

  10. Questions raised by members of public

    The Parish Council were asked if they had any plans to organise a social event for the village. It was suggested there were several reasons to celebrate including Samuel Barlow school coming out of special measures plus the successes of the participants of Community Education project. There is also a need to promote the improvements to the Village Hall.

  11. Declarations of interest


  12. Determination of Confidentiality


  13. Minutes of last meeting - 13 March 2013

    Minutes agreed as a true and accurate record.

  14. Matters arising
    • Village Hall Improvements

      Completed and claim submitted by deadline.

    • Website

      Meeting held with designer. First draft of contents to be sent by end of April.

      Photographs requested.

    • Land Dispute

      No Update.

    • Balancing Pond

      Structural Engineer identified. Information requested from Bovis Homes.

      Risk Assessment carried out by Health and Safety consultant. Details to be passed to Chair and new Parish Clerk.

    • Recruitment to Parish Clerk vacancy

      Eleven applications received. Five invited to interview on 26 April.

  15. Feedback from Committees
    • Environment Committee 26 March 2013

      Verbal update given.

      Inspection carried out of land off Highfield Road. Former BMX track being cleared. Ownership of site and liability to be clarified.

      Training providers identified for skills needed by Parish Workers. Awaiting outline of courses and costs.

    • Recruitment of new Parish Councillor

      One application received to advertisement from Mrs Rose Keeton.

      Agreed to co-opt and invite to attend next meeting.

  16. Finance Matters
    • March expenditure

      Schedule of expenditure during March considered. Expenditure of £43,138.68 approved.

  17. Planning and licensing matters
    • Notification of decisions

      Approval given for demolition of former Methodist Church and for building of up to four dwellings.

    • New applications for consideration

      None received.

  18. Actions taken by Chair


  19. Applications and Burial Grants
    • Memorial applications

      Applications for memorial for Mr Shelton and Mrs Johns approved by Clerk. Noted.

  20. Correspondence

    Nothing of significance to report

  21. Consultations

    No requests received.

  22. Feedback and Questions from Councillors
    • Trees on Mansfield Road

      It was reported the trees were restricting TV/satellite reception and a request made these be cut back. This request has been made of Highways department on many occasions, without success. Matter being pursued by County Councillor.

    • Sign for Samuel Barlow school

      Request for funding to be considered at next meeting.

    • Use of artificial turf in Cemetery

      This had previously been agreed on one plot in the original section. New cemetery rules, applicable to new section, prohibit.

    • Keys for former chapel

      It was agreed a set of keys to be kept in Parish Office.

    • Hours of work for new Parish Clerk

      After a debate about the hours of work, it was agreed candidates should be asked whether they are willing and able to work 20 hours per week should work load dictate.

    • Storage of bicycle

      It was agreed the new PCSO could store a bicycle at the Village Hall.

  23. Time and date of Annual General Meeting: 7pm Wednesday 8th May 2013

Meeting closed at 8.15pm

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