Clipstone Parish Council Meeting Minutes December 2014


Councillors - Cllr Mark Dabbs (Chair), Cllr Dave Thompson, Cllr Barbara Brownley, Cllr Rose Keeton, Cllr Robert Vilinskis, County Cllr John Peck.

Jennifer Lowe (Clerk)

9 members of the public.

  1. Welcome by Chair

  2. Apologies for Absence

    Cllr Sheila Soar and Cllr Gary Adams.

  3. Declarations of Interest


  4. Declarations of Confidentiality


  5. Approval of Minutes from November Meeting

    Proposed Cllr Barbara Brownley, seconded Cllr Robert Vilinskis, approved unanimously.

  6. Matters arising from minutes

    Cllr Dabbs asked if the South Crescent trees had been sorted, Cllr Thompson will report it again. The wet leaves had been removed from Mansfield Road.

    Cllr Dabbs asked about the cemetery gates from the last meeting; the clerk confirm that they had been locked but it was done very late.

  7. Reports from County & District Councillors

    County Council Report

    County Cllr Peck said that there is the budget consultation at the moment, people can write in with suggestions, but savings need to be made.

    Forest Road was still in the highways program, but will not know for certain until February if it will be done, and also Mansfield Road, as a long section of that is not in good condition, but some pot-holes have been repaired.

    There is a problem with dangerous parking outside Samuel Barlow School, we are trying to make the zig-zag lines enforceable, and so the teachers can ring up and get the cars ticketed.

    Cllr Peck met Mike Keeling about the parking on Central Avenue, and are looking for a solution that will not just push the problem further down the road, he will keep us informed of the situation.

    Cllr Thompson and Cllr Peck have reported the marque outside at Clipstone Van Sales which has not got planning permission, and the owner has been served with a notice, which he can appeal.

    The County Council has just appointed a new Chief Executive for next year, who is at present director of Child and Young People's services; his salary will be less than the present Chief Executive receives.

    Public - who do they contact if people are parking badly, Cllr Peck advised them to inform the Head teacher, or an individual could report it to NSDC.
    Cllr Brownley asked if there could be speed bumps put along Forest Road because of complaints from the residents about speeding vehicles. Cllr Peck said he doubted if it would happen due to costs and other people's objections to having them put in.

    Cllr Thompson said people and shop owners are complaining about parking from Clipstone Cars Sales; it's not just Central Avenue, it's also in front of the Squinting Cat, Top Club also the shops.

    Cllr Thompson asked about an update on the trees; Cllr Peck said the County Council has brought back pruning of the trees, the Parish Council could write in asking it to be done, perhaps before March. Cllr Peck left at 7.20pm

    Cllr Thompson said there will be more cuts, although they are trying to preserve front line services. The council will be considering shared services with other councils, which is a concern.

    District Council Report

    Email from Cllr Soar District councillor report:

    NSDC has started its round of budget discussions for next year Leisure and environment meets on Tuesday.

    A consultation is currently taking place to see about converting Leisure services currently run by the council into a charitable trust. It is hyped this will save £500k as there are more budget cuts in the pipeline as less money is forthcoming from central government.

    Most folks will have seen from the news that Kelham Hall has been sold for a hotel and spa.

    No definite decision has been taken yet re new DC headquarters lots of theories abound.

    Licensing committee sat last week.

    Nothing much just a report about door to door clothing collection bags. Figures were given about the amount of income given to charities by the companies that undertake this work on their behalf. The committee was shocked to hear that in some cases as little as 11 percent of the total raised is returned back to the charity.

    Contractors are allowed to deduct their costs from the totals raised from the sale of the clothing they collect on behalf of the specific charity who chooses to employ them to undertake their collections before returning the remaining funds to the charity who contract them.

    Doctors surgery

    Cllrs will see building has commenced. It is anticipated the medical centre will be open by August 2015. At this point the current surgery building will close and be offered for sale. There will be a puffin crossing on B6030 to allow people to cross over the road for the bus stop.

    Clipstone surgery is now open on Saturday mornings (three Saturdays at Clipstone and one at Farnsfield) patients can visit either surgery.

  8. Questions and Petitions from Public

    A member of the public asked if the Parish Council had an inventory, with reference to the query about an old laptop, brought up by Cllr Soar at the last meeting. The clerk confirmed that we do hold a valid inventory; the laptop was not on the old inventory from the previous clerk. The councillors could not recall this old laptop. The clerk confirmed that there were no irregularities with the asset register from either the internal or external audit.

    Another question was; who owns the land between the doctors and the library, the councillors replied that it belonged to Notts County Council; as quad bikes and cars were going onto the back of it. There was no point in having a gate as there was no fence there. It may also be part of Samuel Barlow School. Any incidences should be reported to the PCSO's.

    Where are other notice boards; the councillors replied that there is one at the Co-op and Cavendish Park, and we also have an internet site.

    A letter with pictures from Mr & Mrs Guinnane, 2 Gorseway Clipstone, asking if a dog bin can be re-sited due to the smell coming from it, and some dog owners are not managing to reach the bin to put the poo bags in. Cllr Dabbs suggested that the clerk has a look where it is and see if it can be put further down the road.

    Stacey Clarke has a shop near the Top Club and would like to know who owns the parking there so she could ask about putting in disabled parking for her customers; Cllr Thompson replied that it was Notts County Council Highways.

    Email from Steve Parkhouse regarding a network of public footpaths, asking if we have a letter to support the claim? Cllr Thompson said he remembered it and the council fully supported it, he did not know where the letter was.

  9. Feedback from Committees and Working Parties


  10. Finance Matters

    • Approval of payments in December 2014
      Cllr Dabbs asked about the payment for mobile phone for the Parish workers, the clerk said it was required for the council's lone worker policy. Approved unanimously.
      The clerk mentioned about a UK WSL proposal, as from January 2015, the council would be required to recycle their waste. The current bin is a 1100lt and the new proposal would be for two 360lt bins, one for general waste and the other for recycling, it would also result in a lower yearly cost of £117 ex. VAT. Approved unanimously.

    • Printing costs statistics, rental v owning, Konica lease renewal May
      The clerk produced statistics for various options to the current situation of renting the mono Konica photocopier and printing per page at a yearly total of £476. Cllr Thompson asked why we might want a colour laser in the future; the councillors agreed not to renew the rental agreement when it ends in May 2015 and for the clerk to purchase a new colour laser multi-function printer when the lease expires.
      The clerk confirmed we had received the purchase order for the grass cutting of the verges in the village, from NCC, the invoice had been sent and we were awaiting payment.
      Precept estimates for 2015/2016 had been received late from NSDC so the clerk handed them out to the councillors. NSDC asked for the precept from parishes no later than 2nd February 2015.

  11. Planning and Licensing Matters

    • 134 Church Rd, two story extension to rear.
      No objections.

    • Extension to form new playroom and alterations to WC’s, The Enchanted Garden Day Nursery, Lamb Pens Kings Clipstone.
      Not related to this council.

    • Revised site layout 92 dwellings Cavendish Way.
      Objections already sent.

    • 55/57/59/61 Portland Way, Change of use of scrub land to residential garden land.
      The councillor consider this land to be part of the allotments, and asked the clerk to inform Cllr Soar and Richard Clarey from the Allotment Association. Clerk to comment online.

    • Variation of Section 106 agreement of 180 dwellings Clipstone Drive.
      Object. Clerk to comment online.

  12. Legal Matter

    See item 15. Former Squash & Sauna club lease running until 2016.

  13. Burial Grants

    Graham Stone - Approved unanimously.

  14. Correspondence
    • NSDC

      Offer of ICT training based around websites and social media for the council.
      Chairman's Chat newsletter.
      Information about the Flood Grant Scheme for purchase of flood defence products.

    • RCAN

      TravelRight - free travel support service for residents of North Notts - survey.

    • Denise Barraclough - Clipstone Colliery Regeneration Group

      Latest letter from NSDC on the demolition of the headstocks.

    • NCC

      Appointment of new Chief Executive - Anthony May.

    • Mansfield Garden Machinery

      Information about servicing garden machinery and offers relating to this.

  15. Squash and Sauna Club review

    Email from Simon Ward and information from Claire Jones (in attendance at the meeting), both wish to lease the building when SR Education formally leave.

    Dave Mantle has not authorised the last rent payment as they consider they have improved the site and informed the clerk that they wish to leave the premises and relinquish the lease. The clerk took pictures of the inside of the premises, and passed them around the council. The council agreed that SR Education should still pay the rent and any arrears owed as they have already had one year's free rent, and the premises are still being used by the Colts and for storage of a large amount of SR Education's items. Clerk to prepare letter to SR Education informing them of the council's decision.

  16. PCSO Thom Lammiman seeks new Chair for the Safer Neighbourhood group

    Cllr Soar has relinquished the chair of SNG. Cllr Thompson said he would take on the chairmanship if someone will help and take on the Vice-chair; Cllr Brownley said she would do it. Clerk to inform PCSO Lammiman.

  17. Office security

    This has previously been briefly discussed at another council meeting. Clerk to purchase new wireless door bell, and lock the door when no groups or other employees in.

  18. Closing times for Christmas

    Clerk advised that in the past, some burials had been on the Bank Holidays at Christmas time. No internments to be allowed now at these times, but the cemetery will be open every day within the normal winter times. Approved.

  19. AOB

    Clerk asked for extra holiday Xmas Eve for time in lieu for emergency plumbing at the cemetery over a weekend, including the fetching of the materials. Approved.

    Cllr Keeton asked if the Parish Workers could check out blocked grate, weeds and rubbish between Highfield and Davies Close, clerk to arrange.

    Cllr Brownley asked about Eastfield Close cat problems. A resident has about 15 cats which are upsetting the other neighbours; they have phoned NSDC and they have said they can do nothing, and also the RSPCA have been contacted and they don't want to know, and now the owner is in hospital.

    Cllr Keeton said that an old couple are not being picked up at the bus terminus on Davies Close; clerk to send letter to Stagecoach and copy Cllr John Peck.

    Cllr Thompson asked when the Parish Council's Precept estimates will be sent, and can it include a 5% precept rise projection. Clerk will supply for the next finance meeting.

  20. Date and time of next meeting - Wednesday 14th January 2015 at 7pm.

  21. Exclusion of Press and Public


    The meeting ended at 8.40pm

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