Clipstone Parish Council Meeting Minutes September 2014


Councillors - Cllr Mark Dabbs, (Chair) Cllr Barbara Brownley (Vice Chair), Cllr Rebecca Power, Cllr Rose Keeton, Cllr Gary Adams, Cllr Robert Vilinskis.

Jennifer Lowe (Clerk)

26 members of the public.

  1. Welcome by Chair

    Cllr Dabbs asked that all mobiles be switched off or to silent, and announced that as from 6th August 2014, the public and press was allowed to record proceedings at meetings, except those parts that exclude the press or public.

  2. Apologies for Absence

    Cllr Dave Thompson, Cllr Sheila Soar, Cllr Kevin Halfpenny, County Cllr John Peck.

  3. Declarations of Interest

    Cllr Gary Adams declared an interest in item 13.

  4. Declarations of Confidentiality

    Items in section 23.

  5. Approval of Minutes from September Meeting

    Proposed Cllr Rebecca Power, seconded Cllr Rose Keeton, approved unanimously.

  6. Matters arising from minutes


  7. Reports from County & District Councillors

    No reports from Cllrs Shelia Soar or Dave Thompson.

    Cllr John Peck sent an email which Cllr Dabbs read out:

    "Please report on my behalf, I have been successful in obtaining the interactive speed sign I asked for last year because of concerns expressed to me about the speeding coming into Clipstone from the Cavendish island end of the village. It should be installed by Christmas and will be sited close to Greendale Crescent. It should help to reduce speeding. I don't know when the 40mph will be extended as that is dealt with separately."

  8. Questions and Petitions from Public

    Pearl Smith handed the council two printouts allegedly from the Facebook account of Cllr Halfpenny (comments were about a neighbour (Pearl) and the other was about a former councillor). Cllr Vilinskis commented that he couldn't understand them. Cllr Dabbs said that Cllr Halfpenny's comments do not reflect the council views, and that the matter was nothing to do with the council, there is a process to follow, and the matter will be investigated at another meeting. The incident will not be ignored, but internal procedures needed to be followed.

    Some members of the public said "the comments do not reflect well on the council", and asked if "he (Cllr Halfpenny) would be kept on as a member of the council". "The former councillor had done a lot for the Parish, and it seemed like they were being ignored and it was being pushed under the carpet". They felt that Cllr Halfpenny should have been at the meeting. Cllr Power said people are upset, and it will be brought to the next meeting, "We will do what we can".

    Cllr Vilinskis said "There was no reason to cover anything up, and it was fair what the Chair says".

    Cllr Dabbs concluded that "It will be dealt with".

    Other questions from the public, were concerns about the width of the path near The Old People's Home, and access for wheelchairs?

    What had happened to the repairs to Mansfield Road? Some potholes are 6" wide and are also bad on Forest Road. Cllr Dabbs replied that Cllr John Peck was trying to get this re-surfaced, but without success, only quick repairs had been done.

    There were also questions about the cars parked near the entrance to the old colliery; they were causing obstructions for prams and wheelchairs; can't the road be double yellow lined. The council recommended that they contact Highways at Notts Councty Council, as it was those who were responsible for problems such as that.

    Cllr Rebecca Power said it needed people to ring NCC and the police to report such instances.

  9. Feedback from Committees and Working Parties


  10. Finance Matters

    • Bills for payment approved unanimously. The clerk managed to obtain a discount of £150 plus VAT off the costs of the Christmas Lights.
    • Zurich General insurance policy (Village Hall & former Squash and Sauna club) approved unanimously. Clerk saved the cost of using a third party (£173.61) by contacting the insurance company direct.
    • Update on Lloyds bank account (no current signatories) The clerk informed the councillors that she will need to contact those who agreed to be new signatories for their details to send to the bank.

  11. Planning and Licensing Matters


  12. Legal Matter


  13. Burial Grants

    Gary Adams, deed paid for and granted previously many years ago, but deed never issued, for councillors information only.
    Mrs Marshall deed, approved unanimously.

  14. Correspondence
    • Denise Barraclough

      Email inviting councillors to a public meeting at the Welfare 29th Sept 7pm.

    • Sonya Graham (Shelia Soar)

      Email requesting discussion concerning dog poo on the field near the Doctors on First Ave. Suggestion from the public of putting the phone numbers of the Dog Wardens on the dog poo bins. We could look at putting something on the council website to remind dog owners of their responsibilities.

    • NSDC Clinical Commissioning Group

      Invitation to the AGM Wed 24th Sept 10-12pm Newark
      Wed 1st Oct 2-4pm Edwinstowe.

    • Nottinghamshire Big Tree Plant

      Project to plant more trees at no cost to us.
      Councillors were concerned about the costs of ongoing maintenance for the trees once planted.

    • NSDC

      Parish Conference Mon 6th Oct 5.15pm about connectivity in the modern digital age.

    • Better Broadband

      Update - Aide memoire

  15. Gifting of Land

    Kathryn Henshaw was not present at this meeting. Clerk to contact her to ask her if she can attend the next meeting.

  16. Slimming World storage

    It was agreed to offer storage in the old bar area for £5 per week to the leader of the Slimming World group.

  17. Hall acoustics

    The clerk handed out leaflets from the eForm company, and asked if she could spend the £500 put aside for the Parish Workers to make soundproof panels, to buying foam tiles that should do the same job without the hassle of making them and the time involved, as they only needed to be sprayed with adhesive and attached to the hall walls? Approved unanimously.

  18. Approval of 'Conditions of Hire'

    Approved unanimously.

  19. Skate Park Update

    The clerk showed the councillors the 4 pages document from Kevin Kelly (he is the one who decides whether to recommend the Skate Park project to CISWO Chief Executive) asking for 40 questions to be answered before any further action can be taken. WREN's own 1st of September deadline had been passed, and the clerk has been trying without luck, to contact Cheryl Raynor (Grant Manager at WREN) to update her on the situation.

  20. Review of Councillor's attendance and apologies over previous 12 months

    Cllr Dabbs stated that there were only three councillors that turned up for the finance meeting, even though many had asked for it at the last full council meeting in July.

    Clerk to issue all the councillors with the attendance record for them to personally check and confirm with the clerk.

  21. AOB

    Cllr Power thanked everyone for attending, and she hoped that they came to future meetings.

    Cllr Dabbs reminded all the councillors of "The Good Councillor's Guide" and asked that they read it, and to remember meeting etiquette, to put apologies in and an explanation why they could not attend.

  22. Date and time of next meeting - Wednesday 8th October 2014 at 7pm

    The public was asked to leave at 8pm.

  23. Exclusion of Press and Public

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