Clipstone Parish Council Meeting Minutes December 2013


Councillors - Mr Dave Thompson (Chair), Mrs Sheila Soar, Mr Robert Vilinskis, Mrs Rebecca Power.

3 members of the public & Peter Frampton & Darren Riddout (Welbeck Estates)

In attendance: Phil Burgess

  1. Welcome by Chair

  2. Apologies for absence

    Gary Adams, Mark Dabbs, Barbara Brownley, Rose Keeton. Cllr Peck may be able to attend but will be late.

  3. Declarations of interest

    Sheila Soar item 16 WW1 project.

  4. Declaration of Confidentiality


  5. Approval of Minutes from November Meeting

    Agreed as a true record, passed unanimously.

  6. Matters arising from minutes

    • Correction to item 7

      Cllr Soar expressed a personal view after being asked for an opinion by the Chad - the view was not expressed on behalf of the council.

  7. County Council Matters


  8. District Council Matters

    • Inconsiderate parking - Safer Neighbourhood Group

      The leaflets for windscreens mentioned at last meeting are not enforceable and will not be used.

      Next Meeting 6 p.m. at Clipstone prior to Full Council 08.01.14

    • Squinting Cat

      Non-compliance with planning conditions still on-going. Enforcement requested again with Adrian Adams of NSDC.

    • Dave Thompson

      Budget cuts are affecting staffing seriously. Services are stretched very thin. The merging of some services with Rushcliffe and Gedling are under consideration.

  9. Headstocks - Matt Lamb to address council.

    Matt did not attend. Clerk to pursue.

    Points Made as follows:

    Peter Frampton (responsible for planning at Welbeck Estates):
    The delay in awarding planning is regrettable particularly in view of the worsening dilapidations. Welbeck are trying to expedite the case. An environmental analysis is underway as an environmental statement is required before demolition is possible. It is likely to be summer of next year before planning authority would consider demolition.

    Sheila Soar:
    People were tired of waiting for the decision. Peter Frampton agreed with this view.

    Dave Thompson:
    Opinion is split regarding the headstocks in the village. He asked if remedial work could be done to the trees to stop them further damaging the buildings. Peter Frampton agreed. He was concerned that there is no real detailed plan regarding site usage. 350 houses proposed 4-5 years ago and potentially another 650 further dwellings. There is a great need for employment land within the village and he would like to see a clear proposal for the full site incorporating this. The village infrastructure is already overstretched from over-development of residential properties. Cavendish Park was originally designated as employment land but is now purely residential.

    Peter Frampton:
    Plan depends on the headstocks demolition. Once demolished, Welbeck will negotiate over long term usage.

    Sheila Soar:
    Pointed out that there is no sustainable use for the buildings.

    Beccy Power:
    Echoed the need for employment land as this is an area of high deprivation.

    Peter Frampton:
    Suggested the possibility of affordable business units to encourage new businesses with no long term commitment and weekly rent for instance.

    A family-friendly pub/eatery was also suggested. The village is very close to a tourist area and this could be exploited with the right development.

    John Peck expressed his concern that county and district planning officers were working in isolation in this case and he has brought this to the attention of Roger Blaney. A meeting is due in January which hopefully produce a joint response to the Lang report.

  10. Questions & Petitions from the public

    Jim Gibson stated that Clipstone Car Sales were as bad as the Squinting Cat for on road parking, no tax discs etc. Dave Thompson said that enforcement action being pursued both through Notts CC and NSDC. Barnsley unitary authority have succeeded in combating similar problems and Adrian Adams is looking into their approach.

    Jim also raised the issue of car sales businesses run from home. Sheila Soar advised that this is very difficult to prove and that John Peck has been down the trading standards route to no avail.

  11. Feedback from Working Parties and Committees


  12. Finance Matters

    • Bills for payments approved & signed.

    • Late bills for payments approved & signed.

  13. Planning Matters

    • New applications for consideration

      Land at Vicar's Court - object owing to land-locking. Usage to be checked

      80 Braemar Rd - Supported

      Clipstone Surgery - late submission, tarmac resurfacing - Supported.

    • Decisions of Planning Authority

      1 Forest Rd - Clerk Reported enforcement on hold pending appeal.

  14. Legal Matters

    Highfield Rd Land dispute

    Mediation has now been deferred to January. CISWO unable to attend December dates.

  15. Memorial Applications and Burial Grants

    Grants approved and signed for Stancer, Calladine & Harvey

  16. Land to rear of Methodist Chapel

    Clerk had been in touch with Nigel Carnall of W A Barnes who had advised that the land valuation should be around £50 thousand rather than the £25 thousand offered.

    Sheila Soar stated that there was no enthusiasm among residents for the community garden which was the last proposed use for the site. She believes the income from the sale of the site could be put towards the skate park, changing rooms or acoustic improvements at the village hall. Canvassing of residents had revealed that few had objections to a sell-off particularly as the Methodist chapel itself had been sold. Documentation of residents' responses circulated to members. (Copy with Clerk)

    Beccy Power said the sale would reduce anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping. A vote was taken and all 4 members present approved the sale. Action: Clerk to pursue with W A Barnes.

  17. Clipstone Camp WW1 project

    Sheila Soar gave details of the WW1 centenary projects and a boulder memorial to mark Clipstone Camp and its role in WW1. A donation was requested towards the memorial and the chair asked that it be added to a later agenda with a specific amount. As funding details not yet decided, the request would appear on February or March agenda when amount known.

  18. Parish Council News

    Following improvements to be made to draft:

    • Print on A3, double sided, coloured paper.

    • Include Councillors contact details

    • Street lamps reporting - to be done through Parish Council for monitoring purposes.

    • Additional groups for inclusion. Beccy Power & Sheila Soar to provide details to clerk.

    • Details of Framework and CAB "drop-in" sessions to be included.

    • Target DJ and Bouncy castle hirers for village hall.

  19. Executive Committee

    Dave Thompson stated that the main purpose of the executive committees was to set agendas and give guidance to new clerk.

    Sheila Soar said that all committee meetings should be minuted, open to the public and subject to full council approval on decisions. She had concerns that decisions were being taken by a sub-committee. Beccy Power agreed with this view.

    It was agreed that the executive committee be discontinued.

  20. NCHA Land

    Allotment entrances on Forest Rd (marked A,B & C & coloured orange on map) The proposal is for NCHA to retain ownership of these entrances but pay the parish council to maintain them. NCHA have offered to pay for 4 strims/mows and 1 hedge cutback per annum at a fee of £850 (based on quote by Town and Country). The land is likely to require 6 strims/mows and 2 bush cutbacks per annum but they receive no maintenance at present. Council agreed to accept this offer and take over maintenance. The Forest Rd bays are still under discussion.

  21. Correspondence
    • Consultation on bus service changes - Notts County Council

    • "ACRE" briefing on VAT as it affects Parish Councils

    • NSDC Precept support 14/15 reduced to 75% of 13/14 - full details at Finance meeting in January.

    • Roadworks Bulletin - First avenue sewer works indefinite

    • NALC - County secretary's annual report

    • Notts CC planning - consultation on planning validation details

    John Peck reported that some bus services may be removed altogether if NCC funding is removed. January Full Council agenda to include the bus service changes as this affects one early morning route for the 16 and a Sunday service for the 15.

  22. Any Other Business

    Beccy Power requested a check on key-holder payments and unsociable hours rulings as the recent bird club meeting had opened at 5.45 a.m. Action: Clerk to check and advise

  23. Date and Time of next meeting: 7 p.m. Weds 8th January 2014. Finance Meeting to be held on Tuesday 7th January at 6 p.m.

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