Clipstone Parish Council Meeting Minutes February 2015


Councillors - Cllr Mark Dabbs (Chair), Cllr Dave Thompson, Cllr Barbara Brownley, Cllr Gary Adams, Cllr Rebecca Power.

Jennifer Lowe (Clerk)

21 members of the public.

  1. Welcome by Chair

  2. Apologies for Absence

    Cllr Rose Keeton, Cllr Sheila Soar.

  3. Declarations of Interest

    Item 17, Cllr Mark Dabbs does'’t have an interest in that group, but he will not vote on the subject.

  4. Declarations of Confidentiality


  5. Approval of Minutes from January Meeting

    Proposed Cllr Thompson, seconded Cllr Brownley, approved unanimously.
    Clerk noted name change on page 2, item 7.

  6. Matters arising from minutes

    Cllr Thompson said they are in the process of putting the bids out for the work needed on trees on South Crescent, (Item 6 January minutes).

    Cllr Thomson asked what had happened with the old laptop. (Item 6 January minutes). The clerk said she spoke to the previous clerk (Phil Burgess), he never knew of that laptop and said that he did his interview test on the desktop PC, also there are files on the desktop relating to a test taken that day of the interview. The clerk checked with the PCSO about getting a crime number, he said it was not possible as we do not know if it was stolen, when, where from, and who might have taken it. The clerk spoke to the insurance company to see if we might make a claim for it. The insurance representative said we wouldn't get the claim paid as we cannot prove it was stolen, had no crime number, so it would be classed as missing or an inaccurate stock issue.
    The clerk spoke to another previous clerk, Sharon Stewardson who only ever saw the laptop in the stock room; the clerk queries if the laptop was such a brilliant laptop, why wasn't it being used?

    Cllr Dabbs asked if the Friendship Club chairs issue had been sorted (item 8 January minutes), clerk referred to cheque request item 10.

    Clerk asked the chair to read email from NCHA (item 9 January meeting):-
    "Further to our previous correspondence on this matter I have been approached by Phil Beard of Newark & Sherwood District Council in relation to some communal land on Church Road which the DC have been maintaining for a number of years.
    As NCHA will be paying the District Council to continue to do this work in the coming years I am happy to allow them to take responsibility for the other bits of NCHA land in Clipstone.
    However, I feel that the Parish Council should be given the opportunity to take this work on as previously suggested but I have had no response to my e-mail. Should they also wish to maintain the areas on Church Road I am happy to agree this but I need a response asap. I see that a PC meeting is scheduled on the 11th but this matter is not on the Agenda. Can you confirm if the Parish Council have any interest in pursuing this matter or not please. The growing season is almost upon us and I need to get something in place urgently."
    Councillors asked the clerk to contact NCHA to clarify what areas of land they are referring to.

    Cllr Dabbs asked the clerk to contact the Christmas lights company to turn the lights off on the lights in the trees in Clipstone. (Item 10a January minutes).

    Cllr Dabbs informed the council that the baby changing unit had now been installed. (Item 10c January minutes).

    We have had an email response to the request for highway gritting from Mike Keeling NSDC (item 15 January minutes):-
    "With regard to First Avenue: I understand that some bus services use First Avenue and Forest Road; but at this time I am unaware of the frequency of these routes: therefore I have e-mailed stagecoach to seek clarification regarding this. As part of our Winter Maintenance, major bus routes (8 or more service buses per hour) are gritted as part of the Primary Gritting Routes; and as this route is not included, I can, therefore, at this time only assume the route carries less than 8 service buses per hour? Fuller information regarding winter maintenance can be found by continuing below the gritting route map on the page."
    Cllr Thompson asked if this was a threat, as other gritted roads in the area have less than eight buses per hour?

    Cllr Thompson asked about the doggy bins issue (item 16 January minutes). The clerk said she had tried to talk to the person dealing with it, but they never seem to be there, but also the contract is up for renewal at the next meeting, so we could send a letter back with it asking about ensuring the bins are emptied even if the weather is bad or employees are on holiday.

  7. Reports from County & District Councillors

    Cllr Thompson had nothing to report.

    Email from Cllr Soar:-

    1. Combined Authorities
    Cllrs will recall that I mentioned this at the last meeting. The title is somewhat misleading as it does not mean that Districts etc will be combining as one governing body. It will not be a standard unitary authority, neither will it be another tier of local government. It is aimed at devolving decision making from Central government to local areas. It has been approved by NSDC and is seen by all political parties as a positive move forward
    In practise what it will mean is that there is a committee made up of members from each participating council who will work together across the designated area (D2 N2) Notts and Derby towards looking at growth and prosperity for the whole of the area (For example roads and infrastructure economic development ) rather than each authority working in their own small patch. Hope this makes sense if not please feel free to ask, more information is also available on NSDC web site.

    2. Skate Park
    If Cllr Peck is at the meeting he may also speak on this. Cllr Peck is trying to see if the 50K of NCC funding can be held over to the budget year 2015 to 2016. I have heard nothing about Cllr Thompson's discussions with NSDC re sighting of the skate park on Vicar Water but I would be surprised if his answer is any different from the one I got Phil Beard of NSDC when I asked him on 2 occasions last year (Too near to the houses abutting Vicar Water, not enough space around Rumbles which is needed for events and visitor use etc. and that a skate park does not fit in with the ethos of Vicar Water that of a wildlife and country park )
    Rainworth skate park group (supported by the parish council who have agreed to pay maintenance costs) have recently been granted a lease by CISWO to build theirs at the side of Rainworth miners welfare so its clearly not beyond the bounds of possibility.

    3. Planning app Portland Way - spinney abutting the allotments extension of householders gardens retrospective planning application by householders to convert to residential land(namely their back gardens)
    I have already briefed the Clerk fully on this matter. Clipstone allotments have instructed solicitors and should be able to produce a certificate of land registration proving their ownership within the deferment period by the planning committee (3 months). The allotment association is awaiting the delivery of some 400 native trees which it will use to replant and thicken out the spinney and the rest of its boundaries abutting new housing development. I have suggested to the Clerk that the parish council may like to consider approaching NSDC planning dept with a view to protecting the whole of this spinney up to the Top Road to prevent future householders when the houses are built ripping more sections of this ancient hedgerow and thereby destroying wildlife habitat in order to extend their gardens as has been the case on this occasion.

    Sheila Soar
    Ward Cllr Clipstone

    Cllr Dabbs suggested that the council needs to have a Skate Park meeting to seek funding and progress this.

  8. Questions and Petitions from Public

    None, will discuss Colts FC at item 16.

  9. Feedback from Committees and Working Parties


  10. Finance Matters

    • Approval of payments in February 2015
      Also included some late payments. Approved unanimously.

    • CAB Grant request for £750
      The CAB sent statistics showing the local usage of the service.
      Cllr Thompson said the council used to send a £50 grant, but due to cutbacks, they need much more. Approved unanimously.

    • Mansfield BS passbook update
      The Building Society has traced the account, and now the paperwork is waiting at Mansfield BS Main Branch for the clerk to pick up and to start the process of getting new signatories, on the account.

    • Estimate of Parish Council Election costs
      The clerk gave a quick breakdown of the costs if it is a contested or uncontested election.

  11. Planning and Licensing Matters

    Advertising signs on B6030 Roundabout Mansfield Rd, Cavendish Way.
    The councillors were concerned that drivers would be distracted by the reading the signs, and the signs height causing problems for drivers seeing across the roundabout. Clerk to go online and object to the planning.

    Two storey rear extension, 21 Church Rd Clipstone.
    Cllr Dabbs declined to vote on this planning as he knows the owners.
    No objections.

  12. Legal Matter


  13. Burial Grants

    Mr & Mrs Guinnane, J Bramley, D Wonnacott. Approved unanimously.

    Approved unanimously.

  14. Correspondence
    • Police & Crime Commissioner

      Refreshing the police and crime plan 2015-18; seeking the council’s views on the subject. Also, there is a rise in their precept to fight crime.

    • Nottingham Neighbourhood Watch

      Annual conference / AGM 21st Mar 10-1.15 Cotgrave Miners Welfare

    • Rural Services Network

      Rural housing spotlight; quarterly bulletin highlighting a selection of current housing issues and opportunities.

    • Plantscape

      Plants and planters for public places.

    • Spinal Injuries Association

      Asking to display their posters for upcoming fundraising event, council agreed.

    • Town & Country

      Grounds Maintenance

    • Kent Services

      Grounds Maintenance

    • Acer

      Grounds Maintenance

    • Pick n Mix Events

      Entertainment company, attractions such as mobile zoo, magicians, inflatables etc.

    • Sutcliffe Play

      Design and make play areas

    • Streetlife

      Local social network, launched across Newark

  15. Pentecostal Church request for regular Sunday Service

    Cllr Thompson asked if it would interfere with other bookings on a Sunday; the clerk said we have some children-s parties, but they are usually in later. The clerk asked the representatives of the group for confirmation of times they are likely to be in; 9.30am - 1.30pm and a start date of next Sunday 22nd Feb. Cllr Thompson asked how many people are likely to come as regards to parking, there should be adequate parking for the group. The clerk will show the elders around the hall next week.

  16. Former Squash & Sauna club update

    Jamie Hardwick said the Colts, Clipstone Welfare FC have 150 local children playing in the teams and have been using the building for 11years; the council did not inform them of the situation with the lease being given up.
    Cllr Dabbs said the council have a lease with SR Education, not the Colts.
    JH said the building should be used by the community.
    Cllr Thompson said the council brought the building for a £1, but it has cost the council a fortune.

    Cllr Dabbs asked if the Colts paid any rent in that time, they said they had not; Cllr Dabbs said as a council they need an income from the building.
    The Colts asked the council where they were going to house the football club.
    Cllr Thompson said the council found out that SR Education wants to give up the lease, that's as much as the council knows.
    Cllr Brownley said that SR Education is paying the lease, nobody else.
    The clerk explained that legally, SR Education's name is on the lease, a legal contract.

    Cllr Dabbs read the covenant on the building out, to clarify the situation.
    The Colts said how did SR Education get the lease, Cllr Dabbs said they supply educational services for the community.
    Cllr Power suggested that the Colts approach the Welfare, the Colts say they have nothing to do with the Welfare.

    J Hardwick wondered why the Colts had not been asked to attend this meeting; the council said anyone can attend the council meetings.
    Cllr Dabbs reiterated that the council needs to rent the building for an income.
    Colts:- Does the council have an obligation to house the Colts, has any funding been awarded to the council using the Colts name; Cllr Thompson said no funding has been awarded with regard to this, and everyone in the parish has to pay to use the facilities.
    The Colts said they played at the weekends and once or twice in the week.

    Cllr Dabbs asked Clare Jones to present their proposal. They would like to change the layout of the building if they got the lease, after building regulations had been approved; they would agree to change back to the original layout if the lease ended.
    The chair suggested the Colts and Clare arrange a meeting between themselves to see if they can work together.

    Colts:- Would they be able to use the Village Hall, but Cllr Dabbs said they have no shower facilities, and they would still need to pay for it the same as everyone else.
    Colts:- how long can we keep using the building for; the chair said we would have to work something out.
    Brad Rutter offered to be the Colts FC representative to the council, and the clerk suggested he also contacts SR Education and liaise with them.

    Email from Cllr Soar concerning the issue:-
    I have approached by a resident about the future plans for this building and how any change of use will impact on Clipstone Colts who are the junior football team who currently use the football field for their matches and the building as their changing rooms/showers both home and visiting junior teams. They have asked if there will be an ongoing guarantee from the parish that Clipstone Colts will/can have continued usage. I asked them to contact you as I am unaware what the plans are other than that SR Education wish to surrender the lease.
    Those of us who have sat on the parish for a long time will be aware that there are 'strings' attached to this building which was purchased for £1 from Newark and Sherwood District Council circa 2006. I believe that part of the sale agreement was that the building should/must be used for the benefit of the community. That's as broad as it is wide but I think it came from the original purchase of the land by NSDC from CISWO.
    There are provisions somewhere in deeds or covenants attached thereto that NSDC not only has to approve its usage but there is a 50 percent clawback clause on any rent received or sale of the building you would need to check exactly I think it's connected to the community use clause.
    NSDC waived this claw back when SR Education took the lease as they were offering apprenticeships training and education for local youngsters certainly they had to assure that a certain percentage of students would be from within the parish boundary certainly it all had to be approved by the then cabinet at NSDC.
    If it is an entirely 'commercial' operation that is taking it over some discussion ideally should take place at NSDC re this to prevent a possible re run of the (taken out due to confidentiality) scenario where the parish could find itself getting a bill for not dealing with all the legal 'niceties', Cheers Sheila.

  17. Clipstone Colliery Regeneration Request

    The group has asked for a donation for the Gala event, hire of the Village Hall for free that day, asking for councillors to volunteer to help with the Gala, and participation of the council and the group in Christmas events such as tree lighting. Councillors suggested the group write back after the May elections, to ask the council then about volunteers for the Gala.
    A donation of £50 was agreed, but no free room hire for the Gala event. The council would like Clipstone Welfare to be involved with Christmas events.

  18. Karate club free female defence lessons

    This issue was raised at the last meeting, but came in too late to be included on the agenda. The council agreed to a nominal charge to cover the costs of the room on Saturday 21st February noon - 3pm, of £10.

  19. AOB

    (This next issue should have been addressed in item 8).
    Resident Neil said Central Drive had problems with 'the aircraft hangar'; the car sales owner seems to be doing whatever he wants, including installing CCTV and security lighting. The council assured the resident that they had done all they could and continued to try and address the problem, and Cllr Peck has also tried numerous times to resolve the car parking problems.
    Cllr Dabbs suggested contacting his local MP, Mark Spencer.

    Councillors asked AOB be renamed 'AOB For Councillors'.

    Cllr Brownly asked what they are building behind the Chinese restaurant, it is maisonettes, and it was brought before the council without objections.

    Cllr Thompson asked for more participation at the Police Meetings, as if people don't come to the meetings, then they will lose them.

  20. Date and time of next meeting - Wednesday 11th March 2015 at 7pm.

  21. Exclusion of Press and Public


    The meeting ended at 8.45pm

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