Clipstone Parish Council Meeting Minutes June 2014


Councillors - Cllr Mark Dabbs (Chair), Cllr Kevin Halfpenny, Cllr Robert Vilinskis, Cllr John Peck (NCC).

2 members of the public.

  1. Welcome by Chair

  2. Apologies for Absence

    Cllr Dave Thompson, Cllr Sheila Soar, Cllr Barbara Brownley, Cllr Rose Keeton, Cllr Gary Adams, Cllr Rebecca Power and Clerk (had a holiday booked before position accepted).

  3. Declarations of Interest

    Cllr Mark Dabbs concerning Scout Group Letter.
    Cllr Kevin Halfpenny concerning item 16.

  4. Declarations of Confidentiality


    The discussion was made to hear from Cllr John Peck now, from item 7.

    John was called out to the residents of 37 Forest Road concerning flooding problems due to the heavy rain. The flow of water is running down Forest Rd and missing the drains, with a dropped curb making it worse. John confirmed that he had spoken to Mike Keeling of Highways, and was hoping to have a site visit with him tomorrow, but it's unknown if anything can be done. Potholes had been reported, and some repaired, buy John would mention this again to Mike, as it is especially bad again on Mansfield Rd.

    John was concerned about the progress of the Skate Park, and stated that the guaranteed award of 50k was only 1 of 16 requests. We had a good chance of getting another 50k from WREN if we can get together and sort the problem; he offered to take any Clipstone Councillors to see how well used Edwinstowe Skate Park is, on a Saturday. Cllr Mark Dabbs asked about the chance that Ross Marshall could come to an evening meeting, John said he thinks he works flexi-time. Clerk to arrange Skate Park Meeting.

    Jim Gibson raised the point about a row of potholes running along Mansfield Road, from the Welfare to Third or Fourth Avenue. Cllr Kevin Halfpenny mentioned potholes near South Crescent. John said he will look into both problems; it has been a false economy for the potholes to be repaired cheaply in the past, they need repairs that may be more expensive, but last longer.

    Cllr John Peck then left the meeting.

  5. Approval of Minutes from May Meeting

    Proposed Cllr Robert Vilinskis, seconded Cllr Kevin Halfpenny, approved unanimously.

  6. Matters arising from minutes

    Cllr Mark Dabbs read out some notes the clerk had left concerning this item.

    Item 16, Mrs Godber was OK with being offered the nearest plot to the one she had asked for. Item 17, a letter was sent to the resident at 122 Highfield regarding the councilís decision not to erect a fence. Item 19, PAT testing completed 29th May. Item 22, quote from Blidworth Carpets for £425 including VAT for supply and fit of vinyl in the kitchen; also new sealant applied around worktops, burns kit now fitted to wall. Item 25, cushions removed from meeting room, decorating commenced in the hall toilets, hall floor now being thoroughly cleaned after dog clubs (new heavy duty liquid cleaner purchased). Clerk contacted Mike Keeling about the contract for the grass cutting, and was surprised to find that we had it had been passed to Clipstone Parish Council as of 1st April 2014. Tony Scawthorn, Training Manager at NCC is visiting us on 17th June (now 1st July) to advise us on training needs and mower required.

  7. Reports from County & District Councillors

    No reports from Cllrs Shelia Soar or Dave Thompson.

    Report from Cllr John Peck, see above.

  8. Questions and Petitions from Public

    Jim Gibson from the Scout group reported that the poppies outside the Scout Hall for the WW1 celebrations, are coming through, and they have cut the grass around them.

    Have lost part of a tree in the recent storms, and now car for sale being parked there. Car sales are still ongoing, along the local roads, Cllr Mark Dabbs has been chasing this up with Revenues, Notts Councty Council and the police, but nobody seems to be doing anything. Mark said he has a contact, Matt Duckworth at Ollerton who has asked that everything is reported to him about the car sales.

    Cllr Kevin Halfpenny said somebody else had complained and the local PCSO suggested putting a sticker on the car about inconsiderate parking.

    Jim Mitchell (Parish Worker) asked if a sign could be put up in the hall asking for the Dog Clubs to sweep up after themselves. There was some concern from the councillors to what is required of the groups in general, concerning hire of the hall and cleaning?

  9. Feedback from Committees and Working Parties


  10. Finance Matters

    • Bills for payment approved unanimously.
    • Annual return approved unanimously.
    • Motor policy renewal approved unanimously.
    • HR contract, council wishes Clerk to pursue other alternatives for the next council meeting, to try to save money on the current monthly retainer.
    • Purchase replacement Insect Killer approved unanimously.

    Clerk to look into an old Lloyds/TSB bank account that we can no longer access due to no eligible signatories.

  11. Planning and Licensing Matters

    Planning 14/00913/FUL 135 - 137 Mansfield Rd Clipstone , no objections.

  12. Legal Matter


  13. Burial Grants

    Rachel Jane Bartram approved.
    Janet Stephen Purdy approved.
    Frederick Johnson approved.
    Mrs Godber request for new grave nearest to her son, (letter from the May meeting) approved.
    Clerk to look at ensuring that local residents have priority in burials and purchase of burial grants.

  14. Clarification on money to spend on the mower and training for grass cutting

    Clerk and Parish workers to meet with Training Manager from NCC to see what training needs are and advice concerning purchase of a mower. To be brought back to next council meeting with an idea of costs required.

  15. Clipstone Camp WW1 Centenary Project - request for funds

    Cllr Sheila Soar emailed Cllr Mark Dabbs stating that there is an account with the Mansfield Building Society to be used for community funds, (approximately £3.5k), Clerk to pursue and to be put on next council meeting agenda.

  16. Cllr Kevin Halfpenny thoughts on advertising on the Parish Van

    Cllr Kevin Halfpenny said local firms could advertise on the side panels of the van in exchange for free services, e.g. PC Medic could advertise with us, and then in exchange, sort out any of our pc issues. Cllr Mark Dabbs thought there would be a conflict of interests if Cllr Kevin Halfpenny or other councillors were to advertise on the van. Councillors requested that this item be placed on the next council meetings agenda for consideration.

  17. Correspondence
    • Clipstone Colliery Regeneration Group

      Hosting of an exhibition at Mansfield Library for 2 weeks from 2nd June. Cllr Mark Dabbs presented an award at this event, but the group need to let us know in plenty of time when future events are planned.

    • Samuel Musgrove

      Email concerning childrenís park on Hilcote Drive; noise, bad language, balls hitting cars. The Clerk had emailed back informing Mr Musgrove that his email would be brought to the attention of the council, and also that the email had been forwarded to the local PCSO for action.

    • WREN

      Confirmation that our application is now being placed into the next funding round. Jim Gibson stated that the Scout group had sent in a letter several weeks ago in support of this application.

    • NALC

      Training - Basics of planning and dealing with them (Sept 24th). Funding Bulletin from 16th May.

      Cllr Mark Dabbs had been passed a letter from the Scout group asking for funding; this would need to be placed on the agenda at the next council meeting for consideration.

      Cllr Sheila Soar had emailed Cllr Mark Dabbs concerning a request from the Surestart group for a donation towards a seaside outing (perhaps from the Mansfield BS account if we can access the funds), again to be placed on the agenda at the next council meeting for consideration.

  18. AOB

    Cllr Kevin Halfpenny commented that bushes were hanging over the footpath near Clipstone Lodge and cars parked, making it difficult to pass, maybe substations property?

    Parish worker Jim Mitchell said that he had been asked by several groups if a vending machine could be placed in the Parish Hall, and Cllr Kevin Halfpenny also commented that this had been mentioned to him. Could hot flasks be placed for use of users? Councillors thought the vending machine could prove expensive to hire and the cost would result in increased costs for the hire of the hall. Kevin also commented that plastic cladding would stop the scuffs on the walls from the chairs, or a rubbing rail?

  19. Date and time of next meeting - Wednesday 9th July 2014 at 7pm

    Meeting finished at 8.00pm

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