Clipstone Parish Council Meeting Minutes March 2015


Councillors - Cllr Dave Thompson (Acting Chair), Cllr Barbara Brownley, Cllr Gary Adams, Cllr Rebecca Power, Cllr Robert Vilinskis, County Cllr John Peck.

Jennifer Lowe (Clerk)

5 members of the public.

Cllr Barbara Brownley (Vice Chair) asked to step down as acting chair at this meeting due to personal reasons. Cllr Dave Thompson was proposed by Cllr Brownley, seconded by Cllr Vilinskis to be acting chair; the council approved it unanimously.

  1. Welcome by Chair

    The chair announced the passing of Cllr Rose Keeton, who sadly died on Monday the 9th March 2015.
    Cllr Thompson said Rose was a committed member of the community, and a lifelong resident, only recently becoming a Parish Councillor; it will be a sad loss. A minutes standing silence was held in her memory.

  2. Apologies for Absence

    Cllr Mark Dabbs, Cllr Sheila Soar.

  3. Declarations of Interest


  4. Declarations of Confidentiality

    Item 19, Staffing Matters.

  5. Approval of Minutes from February 2015 Meeting

    Proposed Cllr Brownley, seconded Cllr Power, approved unanimously.

  6. Matters arising from minutes

    Gritting routes response (Item 6 February minutes), there may be a review, when we could add the route on, but it is not guaranteed. The chair read out and email from Mike Keeling, Highways NSDC.
    The chair asked Cllr Peck if he could help, and the clerk to ask for the route to be added to the gritting routes if possible.

    NCHA plots of land (Item 6 February minutes), discussed in the email were the small snickets Cllr Thompson had spoken about. NCHA were now asking NSDC if they might consider taking them over.

    Gala Event, thanked us for the donation, and look forward to working together towards the Christmas event (Item 17 February minutes).

    Cllr Thompson said the trees on South Crescent (Item 6 February minutes), will be sorted by the end of this financial year. He will also be meeting with Newark & Sherwood Homes representative to have some improvements put on the budget for next year.
    Cllr Thompson has been talking to Phil Beard today, to see if we could use NSDC land for the Skate Park; discussions will be ongoing (item 7 February minutes). He also asked the clerk if the council had received anything more about election costs, no there had been no more updates.

  7. Reports from County & District Councillors

    Report from Cllr Peck:

    Mansfield Road works are now almost complete, though Cllr Peck had tried to get a zebra crossing, but it was not feasible, and the new refuge will be safer than nothing. The proposed double yellow lines will hopefully stop some of the bad parking on Central Drive, and give better vision for drivers coming out of there. Cllr Peck has leafleted the residents to inform them of the double yellow lines; we all just need to be vigilant and ensure that any illegal parking is reported.
    Cllr Peck has also objected to the marque at the car sales, and it is now at appeal, and he has objected again, and is in regular correspondence with the enforcement officer.
    There may be some better news on Forest Road next week, but he does not know how much of the road will be done yet.
    Skate Park - we could lose the grant from last year, and Cllr Peck has left messages with the head office at CISWO, but with no response, their site is ideal for a skate park. We would need to re-apply for the grant, if we can find a suitable site; Cllr Peck would support the council in their bid.
    He has reported several potholes on Central Drive and Mansfield Road, and would like to see Mansfield Road re-serviced properly, he will keep trying.
    Monthly stall with Cllr Thompson still ongoing.

    Denise Barraclough said she could help with the lease on the Skate Park, but Cllr Peck said the problem is with CISWO.
    Richard Clarey said CISWO is still waiting a satisfactory response from some questions they sent, the clerk said they had had a reply from Cllr Sheila Soar a while ago, he suggested a meeting at Berry Hill.

    Cllr Thompson asked about the pruning of the trees, Cllr Peck said they had reinstated the program, he will put in a request. Cllr Power said that tree branches had fallen of on Mansfield Road and a gentleman had tripped over them, causing an injury, so it is important to prune the trees.

    Cllr Peck left the meeting at this point to attend another meeting. (7.20pm)

    Cllr Thompson said he has been following up several things with NSDC to do with the environment.

    Email from Cllr Soar:-
    Apologies for tonight

    District Councillors Report from me

    You may be dealing with this under correspondence NSDC gypsy and Traveller consultation document
    This should have been received and comments are invited - closing date 6th April 2015
    By statute councils have identify possible sites for gypsies and travellers
    None are specifically / exactly Identified in the document (also available online) but possible areas are mentioned most are in the West of the district Clipstone, Bilsthorpe, Rainworth to name 3 although it also identifies Southwell as a possible location
    The Parish Council may wish to comment

    Council Tax
    This was set by the District Council last night. There will be no increase in NSDC council tax for 2015/16
    A band A property will pay £1.152.79p. Band D property will pay £1.729.18p

    Mostly projects the Newark area (projects underway) the Civil War Museum Castle works and new Leisure centre at the Grove in Newark new District Council offices.
    Only things in the pipeline for the West of the District.
    Extension of the Robin Hood rail line through to Edwinstowe and Ollerton (still under consideration by NCC).
    Improvement to the Ollerton traffic island at the forest (they have been talking about this for at least the last 6 years) with NCC.
    Dualling of the A614 (also been long term discussions on this) with NCC.

    This will not be devolved to parish as is expected will be the case with some amenities as the District council off loads amenities it views as benefitting local parish and town areas rather than being a District wide amenity
    Vicar Water park Is regarded as a District amenity and although the budget will not significantly increase (2015/6 £106,710 through to 2019/20 anticipated £109.40)
    I have contacted Phil Beard (copy email to the Clerk) to express my concerns that the children's play area seems to be 'disappearing' by degrees - items of play equipment having been removed. I have not had a reply as yet as to the possible reasons for their removal ( repairs vandalism etc.) I am however concerned as this is the only outdoor play facility for children in the western part of the parish. Sadly there is little else more for kids in Clipstone.
    The parish may wish to make its own enquiries or express similar concerns or look at what can be done to improve or create more facilities for children in the older part of the village (the Cavendish estate will have three play/amenity areas following the building of the next phase under 106 agreements)
    Sheila Soar - Ward Councillor Clipstone

  8. Questions and Petitions from Public

    Progress from the Clipstone Colliery Regeneration Group: There should be some repairs done, with trees removed from the powerhouse and the rumble removed. A bid has been put in to involve the local children with the history of this mining area. Planning policy guidance should let the group go forward, but they are being prevented by the land owners. Cllr Thompson said the broken windows need to be sorted; the site needs to be 'tided up'.
    The Facebook site of CCRG includes some interesting old videos.
    The group would also like to encourage people to 'shop local', by using hessian bags with the logo on.

  9. Feedback from Committees and Working Parties


  10. Finance Matters

    • Approval of payments in March 2015
      Also included some late payments. Approved unanimously.
      Cllr Power asked if there will be sufficient waste disposal needs now with the new bins, the clerk said there should be plenty of room, and we could also use the cemetery bin if needed.

    • Dog waste bin emptying contract renewal 2015-16
      £1.75 per bin at 22 bins, some collected weekly, some fortnightly, last year's annual cost was £1419.60 including VAT. Approved unanimously.

    • New Konica colour multi-purpose printer proposal
      A4 Desktop colour copier / printer / scanner, 31 pages per min, duplex
      3yr contract - £67.35 per quarter then 0.0025p mono 0.025p colour (+VAT)
      Currently £108.21 per quarter and 0.0039 mono only. Clerk to see if she can negotiate a better deal, and to accept. approved unanimously.

  11. Planning and Licensing Matters

    Six houses and parking, Vicars Court.15/00035/FUL

    The councillors were concerned that the septic tank could become very unhygienic, causing ground pollution and bad smells; also, there seems to be too many homes going on one small plot of land for families to reasonably live on. Clerk to go online and object to the planning.

    Portland Rd Scrub land 14/01974/FUL– letter from Richard Clarey.

    The land in question was already enclosed Before house-owners removed fencing and extended their gardens, it is designated sp8 open public space same as the rest of allotments site, the house-owners have no right to be on land other than attempting to obtain land under adverse possession of unregistered land.

    The ownership of this land has now been proven, solicitors have been given instruction and within next few weeks the land will be registered in the name of Clipstone Allotments Association, at which point applicants could not lay claim to unregistered land but will be trespassing on allotment land.
    The owners of this land do not want any change in planning designation and wish it to remain SP8.

    Applicant's claim land is scrub land when it is actually ancient hedgerow spinney which is shown on maps from early 1800s it is the only surviving spinney out of 5, Spinney is in total over 900m long and contains several mature trees including five oaks aging from 80-250 years old. Locals believe the oldest oak at bottom spinney is one of original Duke of Portland's boundary oaks.
    We have witnessed one house-owner removing logs from hedgerow on allotment registered land, this is not a good omen for long term future of remaining trees.

    The land in question has always been undisturbed by locals due to it being used as ww1 waste site from army camp hospital and could possibly contain human body parts.
    One applicant told us he had found large bones when digging banking out, local opinion is this area should be left undisturbed.

    By allowing this retrospective application you could be possibly setting a precedent for future, the large site above these houses is set to be built on in next 5yr cycle and all householders from that development would possibly be able to do the same as these four properties and this could result in loss of over 900m of ancient hedgerow and all its wildlife.
    Not only is the loss of hedgerow habitat important, but to allow this application goes against current planning policy that mandates all new developments to provide a wildlife barrier/ screening between houses and neighbouring sites.
    Also to allow this application could possibly undermine the respect for planning officers and planning committee has householders will think they can do anything they like knowing it will most likely be approved retrospectively anyway.

    The amenity value of public footpath no 16 has been spoilt by now being able to view house fences where gardens have been extended and trees removed.

    Allotment association Long term plan for site.

    To fully restore all hedgerow by planting native trees and hedging, this will be done by volunteers from our community as well as pupils from infant and junior schools.
    We have 420 trees currently ready to go into ground and work will begin as soon as this issue is resolved.
    We will maintain area as a wildlife corridor for future generations, children will be able to see the trees they plant grow to maturity and show to their children and grandchildren.

    We intend to provide and maintain a safe environment in the spinney for local infant and junior schools to use for outdoor lessons and nature studies, classes already use an area on our site but it is not as diverse as the spinney area.

    We will Improve and maintain the amenity value of the public footpath by planting native trees and wild flowers to enhance the varied wildlife habitat we already have.
    Which include two species of bats, owls, foxes, shrews, hedgehogs, frogs, toads, common lizards, mice, stoats, bees, other pollinators and butterflies as well as numerous insects and two types of birds of prey. this area is vital for wildlife and local schools who use the allotment site for outdoor lessons as well as all public that use allotments and public footpath.

    These long term plans should not be spoilt by 4 householders who are not happy with the amount of land that was with the house that they purchased, and who appear to have no regard for local community property, needs or wildlife habitat.

    Clerk to send this letter with the full support of the council, to NSDC planning committee for consideration on 25th March 2015.

    Appeal Squinting Cat. APP/B3030/C/14/3001574

    Cllr Thompson will be sending a letter to the Planning Inspectorate, and also the clerk to send a letter on behalf of the council rejecting the appeal. The clerk gave details of how to write and comment to the Planning Inspectorate.

    Notice of decision - full planning permission for eight new semidetached houses on land off Vicars court.14/01242/FUL

    Certificate of lawful use - mobile home Gorse Bank Farm. 15/00051/LDC

    Notice of decision - advertisement consent with conditions, roundabout signs x 3. 15/00072/ADV

    The council were very upset that their concerns were not considered sufficient to stop this proposal and that it was passed. They still consider that the signs could cause a huge distraction to local motorists.

  12. Legal Matters


  13. Burial Grants

    June Watkinson, Diane Harris, Linda Corden / Adam Kulec. Deed Transfer - David Bunce. Approved unanimously.

  14. Correspondence
    • Newark & Sherwood District Council

      Approach to be taken by the returning officer for May 7th elections.

      Consultation on the Gypsy & Traveller Development Plan, now until 6th April.

      Chairman's Chat.

    • Neighbourhood Planning Officer

      Planning event 12th March Hodsock Priory 6pm-9.30pm.

    • Notts Neighbourhood Watch

      Annual conference / AGM 21st Mar 10-1.15 Cotgrave Miners Welfare.

    • Police & Crime Commissioner

      The Beat newsletter

    • Notts County Council

      The Care Act 2014 - Deferred Payment Agreement - Consultation.

    • Notts Community Foundation

      'Dragons Den' Grants for budding entrepreneurs.

    • Groundwork - Creswell, Ashfield & Mansfield

      Development and regeneration in transforming communities

    • Planning Progress

      Offering help towards a Neighbourhood Development Plan

    • NACL

      Council News - Personnel Parish Council News

    • Wicksteed Playgrounds

      Advertisement for outdoor fitness zones.

  15. Central Drive, Sixth Avenue, Prohibition of Waiting, Public Consultation

    The council voted unanimously to support this proposal of adding double yellow lines to the area. Cllr Power asked if there will be parking wardens regularly attending the site to enforce the double yellow lines, or it will be a wasted exercise if not?
    Cllr Brownley raised concerns about the residents down at Eastfield having their parking bays re-tarmaced, and now Clipstone Car Sales owner is using these spaces for his overflow cars.
    Clerk to email Nottinghamshire County and express the Councils support for the proposal but voice concerns about enforcement being required.

  16. Forward In Faith request for storage facilities at the Village Hall

    Letter sent from the group requesting to store various items in the former bar area, such as speakers and a small pulpit. Clerk to check the area required and charge at same rate as previous groups eg. £5 per week.

  17. AOB - Comments from Councillors

    Cllr Adams asked the clerk if she was in work the 23rd or 24th February as she was off the 25th, and if she was in why she hadn't answered phone. The clerk replied she did not know if she was in then, she may have been out, but if they had left a message on the answerphone, she would have got back to them. Cllr Adams also commented that the cemetery was not opened until late last Thursday, the clerk said she knew about it and had sorted it.

    Cllr Thompson announced that there is a Safer Neighbourhood meeting on 24th March, can people please attend, as if the service in not used, the residents will lose it. There is also a beat surgery meeting the week after.
    Cllr Power said she had attended a beat surgery, but there was no other members of the public there, as it could be used by the residents to report instances of illegal parking in the area.

  18. Date and time of next meeting - Wednesday 8th April 2015 at 7pm.

  19. Exclusion of Press and Public

    Staffing Matters

    The meeting ended at 8.50pm

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