Clipstone Parish Council Meeting Minutes June 2013


Councillors - Mr Dave Thompson (Chair), Mr Gary Adams, Mrs Barbara Brownley, Mr Mark Dabbs, Mrs Sheila Soar, Mrs Rose Keeton, Mrs Beccy Power. County Cllr John Peck.

2 members of the public

In attendance: Phil Burgess

  1. Apologies

    Sheila Soar would arrive late. No apologies received from Robert Vilinskis

  2. Declarations of interest

    Mark Dabbs & Sheila Soar reported an interest in Samuel Barlow replacement sign agenda item 8d - both are governors

  3. Declaration of Confidentiality

    Agenda items 21 a) and b) (staffing matters) to be dealt with after press and public excluded.

  4. Approval of Minutes from May Meeting

    Agreed as a true record. Proposed Mark Dabbs, seconded Gary Adams, passed unanimously.

  5. Matters arising
    • Website

      Mark Dabbs advised he is still awaiting good photographs which are not copyrighted.

    • Central Drive Parking issue

      Enforcement officer to attend meeting in near future with councillors. John Peck to be invited also.

      Action:DT to arrange Weds-Fri 4.30-5.30

    • Flower beds on Davis Close

      Rose Keeton reported these and roundabout still a problem. Dave Thompson and John Peck have discussed best way to move forward.

    • Notice Board

      Richard Cleary notified that board would be moved within next couple of weeks.

  6. County Council Matters
    • Pedestrian Crossing near Squinting Cat

      John Peck reported that the request had been rejected by NCC Highways who suggested widening the refuge there. This normally had the effect of considerably reducing traffic speeds. The council still favoured a crossing and John agreed to have another try at a crossing outside 182 Mansfield Rd which would mean losing parking bays in front of the houses. It was not felt that the bays or access were generally used by residents who gained access from the rear of the properties. John Peck suggested we go ahead with the application with a request that highways give residents the opportunity to comment rather than a consultation. It was decided that the refuge widening was not required, unanimously agreed. LIS funding may be available for the crossing.

      Action: John Peck to pursue.

    • Cavendish Island weed problem

      NCC have reduced the number of cuts per annum to 2 so the state of the island is not likely to improve.

    • Road Maintenance

      NCC to increase top dressing and sealing of road surfaces to protect against potholes for up to 20 years.

  7. Feedback from Committees
      Environment Committee

      Last meeting held 07.05.13 - most items reported at May meeting.

      Mansfield Rd - Request made to John Peck for additional small 30 limit signs.

      Training for Parish Workers - Sheila Soar reported that STS training based at Edwinstowe Hall were worth trying.

      Action: Phil Burgess to pursue

    • Safer Neighbourhood Group

      Minutes circulated at meeting. The speeding operation in and around Clipstone has had a reasonable amount of success.

  8. Finance Matters
    • May Payments

      Becky Power raised issue over the dumping of spoil by contractors Daynes after grave digging. Also the continuing problem of the heating controls and lack of remote controls for light sensors installed by Pearce Electrical. These items had been paid by cheque but would be pursued. Payments approved.

      Action: Phil Burgess to contact both contractors

    • Approval of 2012-13 annual return and accounts statement

      Phil Burgess reported that the Accounts had been passed by the internal auditor after requested corrections made. Checked and signed by Chair and Parish Clerk.

    • Approval of Annual Governance Statement

      Statement of compliance with legal requirements over the year checked and signed by Chair and Parish Clerk.

    • Samuel Barlow Replacement sign

      To be postponed until July Meeting. Headmistress was too busy with SATS tests to liaise.

  9. Planning Matters
    • Decisions of Planning Authority

      No new decisions from N&SDC

    • New applications for comment

      Renewal of permission for 100 houses west of Waterfield Way. Previously supported by the Parish Council. Phil Burgess reported that the Section 106 agreement would not be reduced but planning at N&S would press for additional contributions towards educational and library facilities. Application approved.

    • Draft affordable Housing

      Shortage of 1 bedroom accommodation to be highlighted in response. In addition Sheila Soar raised the erosion of accommodation provision for the elderly when bungalows awarded to the disabled. There needs to be provision for disabled but not at expense of the elderly. Need not be included in response

      Action: Phil Burgess to complete return with comment re 1 bed accommodation above.

  10. Legal Matters
    • Land Dispute

      Correspondence received today from Harrop White Solicitors suggesting mediation as a course of action to avoid costly tribunal. Councillors to meet with Solicitors.

      Action: Phil Burgess to arrange appointment at 4.30 Weds-Friday at Village Hall

    • Balancing Pond Transfer

      The recent smell caused by a leaking boss has been repaired. Structural survey still awaited.

    • Highfield Close Access

      Sheila Soar stated legal easement has never existed with Derwent HA. They are prepared to grant this for occasional vehicular access should the council meet their legal fees. Dave Thompson stated that the right of way existed as part of the original planning conditions (Adrian Adams is contact at N&SDC).

      Action: Phil Burgess to make informal contact with Derwent HA and ensure easement is registered with Land Registry.

  11. Future Plans for Village Hall
    • Knock-through from hall to kitchen to be dealt with in-house

      Radiator protection and acoustics

      Action: Phil Burgess to pursue.

    • There is a need to charge a commercial rate for hire. Currently making a loss on 1hr bookings.

    • Storage - only regular weekly clubs to be allowed storage.

      Action: Letter to clubs - storage facility to be withdrawn

    • Heating still coming on

      Action Phil Burgess to contact Pearce Electricians

    • Sheila Soar suggested a visit by councillors to Rainworth who run a successful village hall. Action: Sheila to arrange

    • There is an "awards for all" grant scheme available for modifications to Kitchens and toilets.

      Action: Phil Burgess to investigate.

  12. Rescheduling of meetings

    Dave Thomas suggested replacing environment committee on 25.06.13 with a policy meeting to decide new schedules. Finance committee to be retained as it is.

    Apologies were given in advance by Sheila Soar for this meeting (25.06.13) and by Gary Adams for Finance Meeting on 03.07.13.

  13. Actions taken by Chair

    None - agenda item to be withdrawn.

  14. Memorial Applications and Burial Grants

    Burial Grant Application received for Richard Wylie. Signed by Chair and 2 councillors.

  15. Correspondence - All relevant papers held by Clerk
    • Boundary Commission review for Newark & Sherwood. The deadline for representations on the commission's findings is 05.08.13

    • County Council civic service at Southwell Minster Sun 23rd June.

    • Funding fair at Kelham Hall 26th June for community groups to meet funding bodies.

    • Resignation letter received from Councillor Harkess.

      Action: Phil Burgess to inform Nigel Hill.

  16. Consultations


  17. District Council Matters
    • Dave Thomas reported from the Homes and Communities meeting. The new homeless strategy was passed despite strong opposition.

    • Funding at present seems very focussed on Newark itself.

    • Environment & Leisure committee - Sheila Soar echoed view that funding very much Newark-focussed.

    • Squinting Cat update. Adrian Adams is away until next week. Parking situation is difficult to enforce although untaxed cars can potentially be taken away and crushed.

  18. Questions from Councillors

    Bush Shelter on Mansfield Rd between 4th and 5th. Barbara Brownley reported that this smells and is untidy. This is either NCC or contractors responsibility.

    Action: Phil Burgess to check whose responsibility and arrange for attention.

  19. Date and Time of next meeting: 10th July 2013 at 7pm.

  20. Questions & Petitions from the public
    • Headstocks

      Jim Gibson asked regarding current position. Sheila Soar stated there had been a report which was not for public release. The process is taking longer than anticipated.

    • Cars for Sale on Public Roads

      John Peck is already pursuing this with the enforcement officer Adrian Adams. Sellers require change of use planning to run a business from home. There is also the tax evasion issue.

  21. Staffing Matters
    • Weekend Working Rota

      Phil Burgess proposed that parish workers be paid for the weekend rota rather than claim time off in lieu. From the workers' point of view this would help towards travel expenses although not specifically for travel expenses. From an administrative viewpoint there would be less controversy over the rota and the worker hours would still be available for use. The council in general were not in favour of the proposal. Becky Power stated that Wayne had suggested an alternative working pattern where he would take the great majority of the opening and closing.

      Action: Phil Burgess to discuss with Wayne Power and check if workable.

    • Key Holders at Parish Hall

      Both Wayne Power and Jim Mitchell are willing to undertake this duty for call-out requirements.

      Action: Phil Burgess to check situation regarding unsociable hours payments and forward details of contacts to police.

  22. Any Other Business


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