Clipstone Parish Council Meeting Minutes March 2014


Councillors - Mr Dave Thompson (Chair), Mr Robert Vilinskis, Mr Mark Dabbs, Mrs Barbara Brownley, Mrs Rose Keeton, Mr Gary Adams, Mrs Rebecca Power, Mrs Sheila Soar, Mr Kevin Halfpenny. Cllr John Peck (NCC).

8 members of the public.

In attendance: Phil Burgess

  1. Welcome by Chair

  2. Apologies for Absence


  3. Declarations of Interest


  4. Determination of Confidentiality

    Agenda Item 23 to be discussed after exclusion of press and public.

  5. Approval of Minutes from February Meeting and Extraordinary Metting 26.02.14

    Proposed Gary Adams, seconded Barbara Brownley, approved unanimously.

  6. Matters arising from minutes

    Item 8. Clerk reported contact with Mike Keeling regarding state of Mansfield Rd surface. Budgets differ for areas in MDC and NSDC and Mike Keeling had said that the area around Whitegates may have had sub-surface damage to warrant early attention. Mike does travel through Clipstone daily so this may receive attention but no assurances given.

    Items 14 and 15 moved to 7 and 8 respectively.

  7. (orig 14) Presentation from Clipstone Colliery Regeneration Group

    A presentation was given to the council by Denise Barraclough (DB) to supplement the brochure information circulated before the meeting. The headstocks site would be developed into an adventure sports venue in addition to a provision for residential and business start-up units. Funding was likely to be largely through English Heritage and the Heritage Lottery Fund.


    • Rebecca Power

      Asked what the time scale would be. DB replied that the target date for funding was November 14 with a decision date April 15 for stage 1. Stage 2 would be a year later. Expressed support for the project commended work which had gone into the brochure.

    • Rose Keeton

      Requested a supermarket on the development. DB said it would be unlikely that a supermarket would be interested based on Clipstone population.

    • Sheila Soar

      Asked if locals had been canvassed as yet as village had voted to demolish headstocks in 2003. DB replied not at this stage but this will happen, the canvassing before had not been based on an alternative use for the site. Will CCRG run the site after development, DB - hand over to management company but ethos will be the same. Have feasibility studies and business plans been prepared? DB not at that stage yet. Zip wire prohibitive cost - DB stated £50 but will offer concessions for locals - there is a site in Wales where they charge this amount and it is fully booked.

    • John Peck

      Stated it was an exaggeration to say the project had the support of Notts County Council. Councillors generally were not in favour. DB - they had talked to the Economic regeneration team who supported the venture. Expressed concern about the capital input and long term sustainability of the site, however the Jones Lang report had stated that insufficient effort had been made to market the site.

      Welbeck pointed out that no permission to sell the land had yet been given by them.

    • Dave Thompson

      Stated that it was the clear view of Parish Council and residents that the site should not be used for a major housing development.

    • Rebecca Power

      Highlighted shortage of schools with present population. Welbeck pointed out that any Section 106 agreement should include schooling and would be decided by NCC.

    • Mark Dabbs

      Offered support for the project but was concerned with the funding. DB stated funding as above plus perhaps D2N2 and the Esme Fairburn foundation. Was there a need for further housing as current facilities stretched. DB replied that housing needs survey had identified a need for 1 and 2 bed properties, not family housing

    • Dave Thompson

      Asked what employment the scheme would bring. DB said 60 jobs in the main feature, average of 3 per business unit and knock-on jobs around the area

    Denise Barraclough was thanked by the chair for the presentation.

  8. (orig 15) Skatepark Project

    Clerk reported that an application for funding from Wren (landfill contractor) was being prepared with the assistance of Ross Marshall from the LIS team. Ross had advised that the LIS funding (recently awarded) which amounted to £45,000 had been awarded on the understanding that a large contribution would be made by CPC themselves. John Peck confirmed this was the case. After consideration of the figures provided prior to the meeting, unanimous approval was given for a £45,000 contribution from the Parish Council. Any more would be difficult owing to the legal fees recently expended. If Wren contribute a similar amount for the park the resultant £135,000 would create an amazing facility. Action: Clerk to notify Ross Marshall.

    A working group was required to progress the project after funding finalised and would work with Ross Marshall and residents (including children) to finalise the design. Sheila Soar, Mark Dabbs, Beccy Power and Dave Thompson volunteered and approved.

  9. County Council Matters

    John Peck reported the following:

    Congratulated CPC on the success of the LIS bid. 67 wards had applied with 100s of bids and only 16 were passed. £90,000 would give a very good skate park, if Wren contribute, the resultant £135,000 would give a really excellent facility. Edwinstowe skate park has a £120,000 budget and is excellent.

    • Church Rd Flooding

      Drains had been addressed by NCC.

    • Mansfield Rd Potholes and Surface

      He is aware of the state of this as are highways department. Will continue to press for action.

    • Cars for Sale

      Problem continuing, often commercial sellers. Dave Thompson asked for a bye-law to be enacted.

    • Budget

      Further cuts due next year.

    • Samuel Barlow Sign

      Still no movement on this despite contact with Matt Duckworth. John Peck will pursue.

  10. District Council Matters

    Sheila Soar Reported:

    Budget setting occurred Monday night. There is still a strong preference for Newark when allocating funds.

    Dave Thompson Reported:

    Report from housing and communities committee, the housing needs study has confirmed the need for 1 and 2 bedroom dwellings throughout the area.

    Cllr Peck left the meeting at 8.00

  11. Questions and Petitions from Public

    Resurfacing of Forest Rd still not gone ahead.

  12. Feedback from Committees and Working Parties


  13. Finance Matters

    • Bills for payment approved unanimously
    • Late Bills for payment approved unanimously

  14. Planning and Licensing Matters


  15. Legal Matter


  16. Burial Grants

    Deeds approved in respect of Mrs Carol Parnwell and Mr & Mrs Rawlinson.

  17. Storage of large tables

    Gary Adams reported that he was unable to sell the tables owing to damage. Concern was expressed that the tables are a two-man lift and are taking up space in the store room. Kevin Halfpenny offered to have them removed FOC. Accepted.

  18. Parish Clerk Replacement

    Shortlisting had narrowed the field to 5 candidates. Interviews to be held on Friday.

  19. Land to rear of Methodist Chapel

    Clerk reported that the sale of the Methodist chapel itself was rumoured to have fallen through. It was agreed that the best way forward was to obtain outline planning permission on our land and market the property with Barnes as the two parcels of land together would probably be of more interest to a developer.

  20. Update from Clerk

    • Tree vandalism behind Highfield Rd and approach from resident to cut back trees

      Damage to trees reported to police who would issue a formal warning. The request from a different resident to cut back the row of trees was rejected as the trees would not block much light from their position to the north of the properties. Action : Clerk to advise 2nd resident

    • Verges

      Verbal agreement received from Andy Oscroft of Highways for us to take over the verges. He did not require Parish Workers to take New Roads and Streets Works Act course (as requested by Mike Keeling) as he agreed this would not be relevant. Action: Clerk to pursue suitable machines.

    • Re-binding of old burial register

      Clerk had obtained three quotes for re-binding from original suppliers. All bindings included metal clips but exclude VAT. Cloth £320, leather £390 and Vellum (calf skin) £760. Leather quote for £390 accepted unanimously. Action: Clerk to send register for binding.

  21. Correspondence

    Request by a resident to do metal detecting on Parish Council land. Councillors felt that this may lead to further requests and damage to turf etc. Councillors were also opposed to monetary gain from detecting. Unanimously agreed to reject. There was, however, a planned WW1 archeological dig coming up and the resident may wish to be involved in that. Action : Clerk to advise resident.

    Request for interviews of residents from a student performing a thesis on the history of the pit and village. No objection - some councillors would take part. Suggestions were made for the student to contact pensioners' groups, the local historical society (John Danbury).

  22. AOB

    Robert Vilinskis had been approached regarding a young family being placed in a pensioners bungalow.

    The council thanked the outgoing Parish Clerk, Phil Burgess for his contribution to Clipstone Parish Council.

  23. Date and time of next meeting - Wednesday 9th April 2014 at 7 p.m

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