Clipstone Parish Council Meeting Minutes February 2013


Councillors - Mr Dave Thompson (Acting Chair), Mr Gary Adams, Mrs Barbara Brownley, Mr Robert Vilinskis, Mr Dave Thompson, Mr John Peck

3 members of the public

  1. Announcement

    It was announced that Mr Wayne Swiffin had resigned from the Parish Council and his role as Chair due to work commitments.

  2. Apologies

    Mr Mark Dabbs, Mrs Rebecca Power, Mrs Sheila Soar

  3. Declarations of interest


  4. Determination of Confidentiality


  5. Minutes of last meeting - 9 January 2013

    Minutes agreed as a true and accurate record.

  6. Matters arising
    • Dog Control Order - Cemetery

      Notice displayed and order in place from 1 February.

    • Van and trailer

      Matter to be discussed further at Environment Committee on 26 February.

    • NCHA land

      Request for meeting sent. No response to date.

    • Window replacement at Village Hall

      Windows delivered. Work scheduled to start this week.

    • Tree survey

      Survey completed and results received. Estimates requested for recommended work. NSDC requested to carry out identified work to trees adjacent emergency access road.

    • Skate Park

      Section 106 conditions agreed. Details available on request from Clerk. Meeting of working party arranged with Landscape Architect to review draft plans on 15 February.

    • Roof repairs - Village Hall

      Order placed. Work due to start on 18 February.

    • Parish Council website

      No response to request for assistance from Garibaldi School. Two web designers contacted. Further details, including draft design, to be presented to next meeting of Parish Council for consideration.

    • Road conditions

      County Councillor has reported potholes and raised issue of holes opening up again very quickly. County Council is reviewing practice of not using sealant.

      Continuing to press for resurfacing of Forest Road.

  7. Feedback from Committees
    • Asset Committee - 15 January 2013

      Minutes circulated and noted.

      It was agreed to renew the notice board outside of Co-operative store and relocate the board from outside The Welfare to the Village Hall.

    • Safer Neighbourhood Group - 7 February 2013

      No update from meeting available.

      Outline given of incidents reported to police in past month. Clerk asked to request feedback from incidents in Clipstone only.

    • Council meetings 2013/14

      Schedule of meeting dates approved.

    • Annual Parish Meeting - 10 April 2013

      Format of meeting agreed. Clerk to invite representatives of different community groups and local agencies to attend and for meeting to be advertised in Chad.

  8. Finance Matters
    • January expenditure

      Schedule of expenditure during January considered. Expenditure of £5,949.04 approved.

    • Community Fund and Village Hall bank accounts

      Mrs Barbara Brownley and Mrs Sheila Soar approved as new signatories to allow these accounts to be accessed.

    • Grit Bins

      Request for Parish Council to fund installation of three new grit bins considered and approved.

    • Internal Audit

      Approval given for appointment of Roger Snowdin to carry out internal audit of Council finances for 2012/13. Cost estimated at £150.

  9. Planning and licensing matters
    • Notification of decisions

      None received

    • New applications for consideration

      Application to demolish former Methodist Church and development of up to four dwellings supported.

      Preference expressed for building of bungalows on site.

  10. Actions taken by Chair

    Site meeting held with Bovis Homes. Council recommended to approve the transfer of unencumbered land around the balancing pond, with Bovis Homes undertaking to seek to recover the land fenced in by neighbour and transfer to Council at a later date.

    Matter was discussed, with views being expressed that transfer document should not be signed until land recovered. A concern was raised that Bovis Homes had fulfilled their promises to erect security fencing around balancing pond and re-surface the cemetery road.

    It was then reported enquiries with the District Council indicated no planning permission had been given for the balancing pond and the Environment Agency may not be aware of its existence.

    It was agreed the Clerk would seek further clarification on these issues and the Council's solicitor be asked for his advice.

  11. Applications and Burial Grants
    • Purchase of burial rights

      Approval requested for purchase of burial rights by Ms Taylor, Mr McCann and Mrs Hodgkinson. Agreed.

    • Transfer of burial rights

      Approval requested for transfer of burial rights by Mrs Jankiwskyj. Agreed.

    • Memorial applications

      Application for memorial for Mr Lacey and Mr Crump approved by Clerk. Noted.

  12. Correspondence
    • Centenary of onset of World War 1

      Consideration of request for involvement of Parish Council deferred until next meeting.

    • County Council Switch 'n' Save scheme

      Leaflets distributed. Members asked to publicise scheme.

    • NALC conference - 11 July

      Members interested in attending asked to advise Clerk.

  13. Consultations
    • Extension to 'Lengthsman Scheme' pilot

      No new interest in participating.

    • Casino resolution

      Council supported the scrapping of the 'no casino' resolution previously adopted by NSDC.

    • Sherwood Forest Landscape Partnership

      Mrs Brownley volunteered to attend information event on 5 March.

  14. District Council Matters
    • Rent increase

      It was reported that the District Council had agreed a 5.4% increase in rents from April 2013.

    • Vehicle Sales businesses

      Notes of meeting convened with officers regarding possible enforcement action circulated.

  15. County Council Matters
    • Parish Council agenda

      It was agreed to move this item at future meetings after 'matters arising'.

    • Divisional Funding

      Funding agreed for Cadets.

    • Surgery in January

      Cancelled due to poor weather.

    • Parking provision

      Improvements requested in Church Road. Agreed to put forward for funding from Local Improvement Scheme in next financial year.

    • Gritting

      It was reported First Avenue did not meet the criteria to be gritted as there were insufficient numbers of buses using the road.

      Agreed to ask for road to be gritted on an emergency basis but will also press for an exception to be made because of the presence of the surgery and concentration of older person accommodation.

  16. Matters Raised by Councillors
    • Football pitch

      Request received from resident for netting to be installed to help prevent football going into road and damaging vehicles and property. Matter to be raised with the secretary of the landowner.

  17. Matters raised by members of public
    • Lighting 'switch off'

      Update requested on County Council proposal.

    • Informal car sales

      Matter reported to Trading Standards.

      A suggestion was made that the District Council be approached about possibility of introducing a bye-law across the district to tackle the problem.

    • Activities of car sales' businesses

      It was reported the activities of both businesses at junction of Central Drive and Mansfield Road are continuing to cause problems for local residents. Information given about the actions agreed at meeting with Planning Enforcement Officer and Highways Officer.

      Residents encouraged to report infringements and supply evidence.

    • Grit bins

      It was confirmed the grit provided was for spreading on roads and pavements. It was acknowledged the problem of misuse was widespread. The suggestion that signs be fitted would be investigated.

    • Health Centre

      An update on consultation event was given.

  18. Time and date of next meeting: 7pm Wednesday 13th March 2013

Meeting closed at 9.00pm

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