Clipstone Parish Council Meeting Minutes March 2013


Councillors - Mr Dave Thompson (Acting Chair), Mr Gary Adams, Mrs Barbara Brownley, Mr Mark Dabbs, Mrs Rebecca Power, Mrs Sheila Soar, Mr Robert Vilinskis, Mr John Peck

2 members of the public and one member of the press

  1. Apologies

    None Received

  2. Declarations of interest


  3. Determination of Confidentiality


  4. Minutes of last meeting - 13 February 2013

    Minutes agreed as a true and accurate record.

  5. Matters arising
    • Window replacement - Village Hall

      Windows installed. Rendering to follow when weather permits.

    • Roof repairs - Village Hall


    • Notice Board - Outside Co-operative Store


    • Annual Parish Meeting - 10 April

      Two speakers confirmed. Article to go in Chad on 26 March.

    • Community Fund and Village Hall bank accounts

      Visits to banks to be arranged as soon as possible.

    • Grit Bins

      Ordered. One to go on Cavendish Park, one for The Circle and one for All Saints Church.

    • Safer Neighbourhood Group

      Update given from previous meeting on 7 February.

      Next meeting, scheduled to be 20 March, to be re-arranged as Village Hall unavailable.

  6. County Council Matters

    Surgery held with issues about the vehicle sales businesses continuing to be raised. Residents encouraged to report infringements and supply evidence. District Councillor to chase Planning Enforcement Officer for promised information and update on agreed action.

    Local Improvement Scheme event attended. Deadline for new applications is September. Requests for schemes on Davis Close and Church Road to be considered made.

    Awaiting decision regarding Forest Road resurfacing request.

    Extension to 40mph speed limit at entrance to Clipstone agreed.

    Agreed, in response to requests from members of Parish Council:

    • To chase Trading Standards for a response to issue of informal car sales.

    • To request signage for Samuel Barlow school (although this had previously been refused)

    • To report problems of sinking drainage grates and re-appearance of potholes on Mansfield Road.

  7. Feedback from Committees
    • Recruitment of new Parish Councillor

      Notices displayed to offer residents opportunity to request an election. Insufficient demand, so Council is free to fill vacancy by co-option.

      Advert to be displayed and applications to be considered at meeting in April. One application already received.

    • Village Hall Management Committee 15 February 2013

      Minutes circulated and matters considered. It was agreed to abolish this group and transfer responsibilities to Assets Committee.

      Parish Clerk asked to take on Booking Officer duties.

    • Skate Park Working Party 15 February 2013

      Minutes circulated and options discussed. Draft plans available for viewing from Parish Office but would also be displayed at the Annual Parish Meeting for comment.

      Proposal to hold a consultation event on 24 April was supported and approval given for publicity material to be circulated to local schools and groups involving children and young people.

    • Environment Committee 26 February 2013

      Minutes noted.

      Decision to fund tree works identified by survey ratified.

  8. Finance Matters
    • February expenditure

      Schedule of expenditure during February considered. It was explained the backdated water bill related to former Squash and Sauna Centre and a large part of the cost was due to the water leak early in 2011. A rebate had been requested and a credit of £821.69 agreed.

      Expenditure of £8,425.34 approved.

    • Village Hall Improvements

      Statement of income and expenditure on improvement works circulated for information. It was noted there would be circa £2,000 remaining from the S106 monies VAT reclaim and grant monies received.

    • Parish Council Website

      Proposal circulated and discussed.

      A request was made for the background to be changed to a lighter colour to help make the site easier to read.

      It was agreed to appoint JKE Web Design to design and build the website at a cost of £550. The Clerk will prepare the draft content, with Mark Dabbs also volunteering to assist.

    • Burial Fees and Payments

      Report circulated. It was agreed to levy a charge of £80 for digging of graves for children under 12 and £40 for babies less than 1 month old. Workers to be paid £70 and £25 respectively.

  9. Planning and licensing matters
    • Notification of decisions

      Approval given for developments totalling up to 381 new dwellings at Cavendish Park.

      Approval given for conversion of former Friendship Cub building to a single dwelling.

      Approval given for extension to 29 Hilcote Drive.

    • New applications for consideration

      None received.

  10. Legal matters
    • Land Dispute

      Notes from meeting with solicitor held on 20 February circulated.

      It was reported there had been no further contact from either of the other parties and the solicitor was still trying to find an accurate picture of the site in 2003.

    • Transfer of balancing pond

      This matter was again discussed with explanations being given, for the benefit of new members, regarding the arrangement agreed with Bovis Homes and the advice taken from the District Council and insurers prior to making the decision to take on responsibility for the balancing pond.

      It was reported no planning permission had been sought at the time of building the balancing pond but, that because it had been in place for four years, no enforcement action would be taken.

      It was reported enquiries with the District Council Environment Department had proved inconclusive.

      Concerns were, however, still expressed about the design and construction of the balancing pond and its on-going maintenance. A reminder was given that there had been no problems despite the severe wet weather. Also the need to consider the consequences should the Parish Council renege on their agreement with Bovis Homes.

      It was therefore agreed independent advice would be sought. Clerk asked to inform Bovis Homes accordingly.

      The situation with the encroachment of land by neighbour was again raised. The preferred stance is for this to be recovered by Bovis Homes prior to signing the transfer.

  11. Future of Village Hall

    Matter to be referred to Asset Committee for further consideration.

  12. Actions taken by Chair
    • Recruitment of new Parish Clerk

      Advertisement of vacancy advertised for two weeks from 5 March, with a closing date for applications of Monday 25 March.

      Three volunteers offered to help with the shortlisting on 5 April and interviews on 19 April. Assistance from HR advisor to be requested.

      Thanks for the work of the current Clerk were expressed and asked to be recorded.

  13. Applications and Burial Grants
    • Transfer of Burial Rights

      Approval requested for transfer of burial rights by Mr Dobson. Agreed.

    • Memorial Applications

      Application for memorial for Mrs Johns and Mrs Green approved by Clerk. Noted.

  14. Correspondence
    • Centenary of onset of World War 1

      Outline given about possible role of Parish Council in the commemoration and also to marking the existence of training camp in the village.

      It was agreed to support both initiatives and to seek to involve local schools. Mark Dabbs volunteered to assist Sheila Soar in the planning and organisation.

    • Police Surgery dates


    • Green Deal briefing


    • Arts development in Newark and Sherwood

      Details of where to get further information to be circulated to members.

    • Mineral Plan update

      Copy of update available on request. No local impact.

    • Councils and Clerk Direct magazine.

      Available from Parish Office.

  15. Consultations
    • Electoral Review of Newark and Sherwood

      Proposal to reduce the number of councillors in the district was outlined. Members urged to give their views. Information about how to lodge comments to be sent to members.

  16. District Council Matters
    • Budget Setting

      It was reported this had been the main activity for the District Council in the past month. Disappointment was expressed that there was no major investment agreed for the west of the District with funding focussed primarily in Newark.

  17. Feedback and Questions from Councillors
    • Sherwood Forest Landscape Partnership

      Information event explained the plan to seek £3 million from Heritage Lottery fund. Concerns were expressed to the organiser that the partnership area excluded both Clipstone and Ollerton. Clerk asked to write reinforcing the disappointment of the Parish Council.

    • Staffing

      In response to a question, temporary cover plans in the absence of two Parish Workers, were outlined.

    • Relocation of dog waste bin

      In response to a request from a local resident, it was agreed to relocate a dog waste bin from outside 99 Church Road, when manpower allows.

  18. Time and date of Next Meeting: 7pm Wednesday 10th April 2013

  19. Questions raised by members of public


Meeting closed at 8.45pm

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