Clipstone Parish Council Meeting Minutes May 2015


Councillors - Cllr G Adams, Cllr B Brownley, Cllr M Dabbs (chairman), Cllr D Sparrow, Cllr D Thompson, Cllr R Vilinskis, Cllr K Weaver
County Councilor J Peck

6 members of the public.

In attendance: Belina Boyer (acting Clerk)

Before the start of the meeting the councillors present signed their declaration of acceptance of office before the proper officer or a fellow member.

  1. Elections

    • Chair - Proposed by Cllr Brownley seconded by Cllr Thompson, Cllr Dabbs was unanimously elected chairman.

    • Vice Chair -Proposed by Cllr Dabbs seconded by Cllr Adams, Cllr Thompson was unanimously elected vice chairman.

  2. Appointment of committees and working parties

    • Assets Committee

    • Environment Committee

  3. After a brief discussion councillors agreed not to appoint any committees or working parties at this time.

  4. Appointment of representatives to other agencies

    • Safer Neighbourhood Group - Cllr Brownley volunteered to be appointed to the Safer Neighbourhood Group.

  5. Welcome by Chair

    The chairman welcomed the newly elected members of the council, the members of the public and the acting clerk.

  6. Apologies for Absence

    The council received and accepted Cllr Sparrow's apologies for absence and agreed that he may sign his declaration of acceptance of office at or before the next meeting.

  7. Declarations of Interest

    None made.

  8. Determination of Confidentiality


  9. Approval of Minutes from April 2015 Meeting

    The council approved and resolved to sign the minutes from the April 2015 meeting as a true record.

  10. Matters arising from minutes

    With reference to item 9 chairman Dabbs asked whether any enforcement officers had been seen in the area of the new double yellow lines. None had been seen by those present. The clerk was asked to liaise with NSDC to request such enforcement.

    Cllr Weaver asked if the status of the Mansfield Building Society account had been resolved. The clerk to investigate and report back.

  11. Reports from County & District Councillors

    County Cllr Peck:

    Reported that the double yellow lines had been put in and that residents seemed pleased. He concluded that they should make the entry to and exit from Central Drive safer. He recommended the clerk contact Ian Harrison at NSDC to arrange for spot checks to get the new traffic rules embedded.

    Cllr Peck mentioned that he had reported a number of potholes which had not yet been marked or filled. Cllr Sparrow reported a pothole outside the COOP.

    Cllr Peck asked for agendas to be e-mailed to him.

    He reported that the county Highways department had lost 30% of its funding over the past 5 years. Discussions were under way to go into partnership with another authority and it was hoped that this would improve services whilst reducing costs.

    A member of the public complained that vans parked on the pavement and at the bus stop outside the car garage.

    Cllr Thompson reported that trees on Mansfield Road were lifting the pavement and made it dangerously uneven.

    District Cllr Thompson:

    Stated that there was not much to report due to the recent elections. He reported that housing would be a big issue under the current legislature.

  12. Questions and Petitions from Public

    A member of the public complained that he had had to clear up 20 bin liners of leaves from Sycamores outside his property.

  13. Feedback from Committees and Working Parties


  14. Finance Matters

    • Approval of payments in May 2015
      The council approved all scheduled payments as presented.

    • Approval of purchase of stander mower
      The council unanimously approved the purchase of a stander mower as presented.

  15. Planning and Licensing Matters

    • 15/00647/FUL | Householder Application for Two Storey Side Extension | 183 Mansfield Road Clipstone Nottinghamshire NG21 9AB
      The council agreed to support the proposal.

    Cllr Sparrow gave her apologies for leaving the meeting early.

  16. Legal Matters


  17. Burial Grants/Deeds

    The council noted that a grant of Exclusive Right of Burial in Clipstone Cemetery had been issued for plot H22.

  18. Correspondence

    The council noted the correspondence received.

  19. Request for benches in the new section of the cemetery

    The clerk was asked to draw up a suitable policy with regards to memorial seats.

  20. Squash & Sauna Club update

    After some discussion and exchange of information it was decided to arrange an urgent meeting with representatives of NSDC, all parties currently operating and interested in operating from the former Squash and Sauna club building and the full Parish Council. Cllr Thompson offered to arrange such a meeting with K Cole and A Hardy of NSDC as soon as possible. This meeting is to be open to the public. Cllr Thompson to get back to the council and the clerk designate with meeting date and time.

    Councillors agreed that the building should be locked up at the end of May.

  21. AOB - Comments from Councillors

    Comments had been received that the grass was growing rather long at 6th Avenue.

    Clipstone Community Gala would take place 18 July 2015.

  22. Date and time of next meeting - 7pm 10th June 2015

    Cllrs Adam and Brownley gave their apologies for the next meeting.

  23. Exclusion of Press and Public

    • Staffing Update
      A new clerk, Mrs Belina Boyer, had been appointed. She would take up her official duties 1 June 2015.

    The meeting closed at approximately 20.30.

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