Clipstone Parish Council Meeting Minutes November 2013


Councillors - Mr Mark Dabbs (Acting Chair), Mrs Sheila Soar, Mrs Rose Keeton, Mr Robert Vilinskis. Barbara Brownley, Rebecca Power.

2 members of the public

In attendance: Phil Burgess

  1. Welcome by Chair

  2. Apologies for absence

    Dave Thompson, Gary Adams

  3. Declarations of interest


  4. Declaration of Confidentiality

    Agenda item 18 to be dealt with after press and public excluded.

  5. Approval of Minutes from October Meeting

    Agreed as a true record, passed unanimously.

  6. Matters arising from minutes

    • Item 7 - County councillors report regarding 20 mph limits around schools.

      Rose Keeton reported a Road Survey outside Samuel Barlow checking parking and speeds.

  7. County Council Matters

    Cllr Peck not present

  8. District Council Matters

    Sheila Soar attended the environment and leisure committee which is facing a 10% budget cut this year with the corresponding effect on services.

    Cars parked on pavements and cars for sale - there is a letter which NSDC use to advise the owner that their vehicle could be towed away and crushed. These have been effective when trialled in other areas. Sheila has requested some for our use and also that the issue was considered as a bye-law by NSDC.

    The Jones Lang report on the headstocks is now in public domain and as such she has made a statement to the Chad in the issue printed today. Matt Lamb from NSDC Planning is to come to address the December Full Council meeting regarding the report.

  9. Questions & Petitions from the public

    Jim Gibson reported that he had read the report and thought it a "fudge" and felt it had ignored some of the main issues.

  10. Feedback from Working Parties and Committees


  11. Finance Matters

    • Payments made in October approved unanimously.

    • Bills for payments in November approved and signed.

    • Late bills for payments in November approved and signed.

    • Amendments to financial regulations for bank transfers checked and approved. Invoices now approved in advance of payment.

  12. Planning Matters

    • New applications for consideration

      22 Seventh Avenue - no objection

    • Decisions of Planning Authority

      1 Forest Rd rejected "harm the character and appearance of area and removes the green gap" Action - Clerk to request that enforcement at Planning arrange to have fencing removed.

  13. Legal Matters

    Highfield Rd Land dispute

    Clerk reported that mediator had been appointed and the mediator, rather than our solicitor, would contact the council to arrange the meeting. Sheila Soar volunteered to attend as she knew the history. Mark Dabbs and Barbara Brownley also offered. The mediator may request a maximum number of attendees. Clerk also willing to attend. Clerk to report back when more information held.

  14. Memorial Applications and Burial Grants


  15. Dog and Grit Bins

    Clerk reported that locations of the bins would shortly appear on the web site. David Playford had prepared a test application based on Google Maps which showed the locations with "map pins" which revealed the location in text form when selected. An explanation of emptying procedures etc would also appear. A new bin would be ordered for Highfield Rd for the plot of land to the rear of the Surgery on First Ave. If bulk discounts were available, ordering more than 1 was suggested, perhaps in conjunction with other parishes.

  16. Correspondence
    • War Memorials Trust - information leaflet on repairs to memorials and grants available

    • Citizen of the year awards dinner NSDC 7p.m. 23rd Jan 2014 Newark Showground. Tickets £20.

    • Memo from NSDC regarding Electoral review by boundary commission and draft recommendations. Edwinstowe and Clipstone ward to be represented by 3 members.

    • Notts CC letter re Mineral extraction consultation for the county.

    • Letter from Solicitor re Mediation (see item 12).

    • Notts CC letter re listed building survey to be undertaken shortly in the county.

  17. Any Other Business

    Sheila Soar complained that an agenda item on the land to the rear of the methodist chapel had been removed from the agenda after a meeting of the executive committee. She pointed out that any councillor should be able to propose an agenda item. The clerk confirmed that the item would appear on the December agenda and would check the required procedure. Action: Clerk to check procedure re agenda setting.

    Beccy Power complained that confidential information regarding pay was revealed by a councillor in the pub. The councillor concerned was not present to put his case.

  18. Date and Time of next meeting: 11th December 2013 at 7pm.

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