Clipstone Parish Council Meeting Minutes January 2015


Councillors - Cllr Mark Dabbs (Chair), Cllr Dave Thompson, Cllr Sheila Soar, Cllr Robert Vilinskis, Cllr Gary Adams, Cllr Rebecca Power.

Jennifer Lowe (Clerk)

10 members of the public.

  1. Welcome by Chair

  2. Apologies for Absence

    Cllr Barbara Brownley, Cllr Rose Keeton, County Cllr John Peck

  3. Declarations of Interest


  4. Declarations of Confidentiality


  5. Approval of Minutes from December Meeting

    Proposed Cllr Thompson, seconded Cllr Vilinskis, approved unanimously.

  6. Matters arising from minutes

    Cllr Thompson said they came to look at the trees on South Crescent and they are now out to contract. (Item 6 December minutes)

    Cllr Soar asked if the old laptop has surfaced. The clerk said she had been in touch with Pauline Jones, a previous clerk, who said a Dell laptop was brought in 2008, and it was given back to Cllr Soar when she left. The clerk also said that she and one of the Parish Workers went through the Village Hall on New Year's Eve and could not find the old laptop. (Item 8 December minutes). Cllr Soar said it was around when the previous clerk (Phil Burgess) was here, and that he did his interview test on it. She said the old laptop 'must have gone walkies then' and wants it reporting to the insurance company as theft and to make a claim for it. The clerk queries this, as a 7 year old laptop would be worth almost nothing, and we do not know if it was a theft, missing, or just broken?

    Cllr Power asked if we were getting any waste bins to recycle the grass cuttings. The clerk said that the attachment on the mower mulches the grass to give back nutrients to the ground. A new attachment for the mower would have to be brought to collect the grass (Item 10 December minutes).

    Cllr Thompson asked about the planning application for Portland way concerning the allotments. Cllr Soar said it is in dispute with the Allotment Association and they have put an objection in (Item 11 December minutes).

    Cllr Dabbs asked if the council had received payment from SR Education; the clerk said it would be mentioned later in the agenda (Item 15 December minutes).

  7. Reports from County & District Councillors

    Cllr Peck had sent his apologies.

    Cllr Thompson had nothing to report.

    Cllr Soar attended the Leisure and Environment committee to discuss the proposal to turn the leisure and sport centres over to a charitable trust; it will go to the policy and finance committee later.

    Merging of councils, there will be a briefing on 10th Feb for Labour Councillors.

    The Cemetery gates were donated by the Jevons Family, one of the family is a painter and decorator, and would like to paint the gates for free. They will be getting in touch with the clerk.

    Cllr Soar said she had spoken to the clerk about the Mansfield Building Society book, and that she never had it.

    Cllr Soar queried a comment concerning the Skate Park in November's minutes, "The council was concerned about Cllr Soar dealing with Kevin Kelly from CISWO herself with regards to answering his questions concerning the skate park lease, without consulting with the council about some of the answers and guarantees she gave." Cllr Soar said she didn't give him any guarantees, the reason she got back to him was because nobody else had done a thing about it.

    Cllr Soar was disappointed that CISWO had not got back to her, and would like the council to write an official letter to Vernon at CISWO to see what is happening with the lease and what the Executives decision is.

  8. Questions and Petitions from Public

    Mrs Harkess - see item 15. Emails from residents - see item 16.

    Representatives from the Friendship club attended this meeting. They said that the council were now proposing making them pay £8 per hour, and they also want them to pay storage for their chairs. They say it is very tight for the club members sitting in the meeting room, and that Health and Safety would say it was wrong. The clerk said that she had used official calculations, and the room was well within H&S and any other regulations for the capacity stated in the terms and conditions. Also, a storage rate for the club had not been mentioned, only that it should be taken into account when discussing the matter and that other clubs had paid £5 per week storage in the bar area.
    Cllr Powers said the council have to be fair and equal with the whole community, and that other users and residents should not subsidise certain groups. The workers need to be paid to maintain and open the hall, the gas and electricity need to be paid or the hall will close.
    Cllr Dabbs said that there is an opportunity for hiring the bigger hall; the club members said it would be colder in there. A lot of money has been spent on the hall, and the council cannot be seen to be favouring a certain group.
    The clerk suggested the council take a look at the storage that the club uses.
    The council members looked at the storage in the kitchen and agreed to let the club have it for free, but the council would not be liable for any damages incurred to the club from using the storage, such as water / damp problems, or items going missing etc.
    There had been a price suggested for the chairs of £18 per chair, at 59 chairs equates to £1062. The friendship club agreed to this.

    A resident of Central drive asked about the parking problems, he had to pull his car up because he couldn't get around the other cars on the street; no emergency vehicles could gain access either. The councillors said this has been a big problem, but no one will do anything. The planning conditions have not been adhered to, parking spaces are filled with his cars for sale.
    Cllr Soar suggested the council send a letter to Adrian Adams at the planning department at Kelham Hall, Cllr Dabbs suggested we invite somebody to have a look at the situation and meet the residents.
    Ken said it may be an idea if all concerned, write to their MP with the problem.

  9. Feedback from Committees and Working Parties

    Cllr Dabbs summarised on the discussions at the Finance meeting 7th Jan :-
    Update of costs of NCHA bay. Clerk to ring and asked for more money. Staff wage / salary setting. 1.5% pay raise for all parish workers. Budget and Precept setting. To be discussed in item 10b.

  10. Finance Matters

    • Approval of payments in January 2015
      Also included some late payments. Approved unanimously.
      Cllr Thompson asked about the Christmas lights that were still up, the clerk said the company had been emailed about this, and will remove them.

    • Approval of Budget and Precept 2015-2016
      Proposal for a Precept of £85,750. Band D £76.68. Approved, Cllr Soar abstained.

    • Requests for Baby Changing Table in disabled toilet (£192 + VAT)
      Approved unanimously. Cllr Soar asked if a sign could be placed up to ask the users to take the nappies away with them.

    • Update on Mansfield BS account
      Cllr Soar said she never had the book, a trace needs putting on the book and account at the Mansfield Building Society, last used about 3 years ago.

  11. Planning and Licensing Matters

    Notice of decisions:

    Renewal of extant planning permission for erection of 100 residential units, land west of Waterfield Way Clipstone - Permitted with conditions.
    Demolition of Methodist Church and erection of 4 semi-detached bungalows - Permitted with conditions.

  12. Legal Matter


  13. Burial Grants

    C Parkin, T Perrin, J Anderson, D Harris, L Corden.

    Approved unanimously.

  14. Correspondence
    • Nottingham Police

      Emergency contact disc. To be placed on the car window screen were the old tax disc used to be.

    • Nottingham Neighbourhood Watch

      NottsWatch newsletter. Also on our website.

    • Notts County Council

      Tobacco Control Consultation. Includes dates.


      Confirmation of registration and inclusion on their website. We have already had a booking from this, only live one week. Free for the council to be included onto it.

    • Glasdon

      Products for Local Councils.

  15. Lack of highway gritting especially on rural bus routes

    Mrs Harkess rang to complain about this. Cllr Thompson said 1st Avenue is not included on the official gritting route, and suggested the council write to NCC to ask it to be put on the route for gritting. Cllr Dabbs asked the public to write to Cllr Peck about the problem.

  16. Problems with dog bins not being emptied over the holiday period

    The council had received emails and pictures of overflowing dog bins over the Christmas holidays. The clerk said she rang Newark and Sherwood about this, and was told it was a problem due to snow and staff on holiday. The clerk suggested she send a letter about the problems to NSDC. Cllr Soar wondered if we need to have the bins emptied more, the clerk said this was the only time residents had complained about them overflowing.

    Some of the public asked what they can do when dog owners allow their dogs to poo outside their home. Cllr Power said that they need to call the dog wardens who will come out and try to catch the offenders 'in the act'.

  17. Letter to Cllr Kevin Halfpenny concerning membership of the council

    He has not been to any meetings for six months from the date of his last appearance on 9th July 2014, so he automatically ceases to be a member of Clipstone Parish Council.

  18. AOB

    Email from SR Education, after we sent an official letter last week. They will be sending payment for the rent from October, and hope to be out of the premises soon. The clerk asked the council if they wish her to invoice SR Education the next rent demand due 22nd January, as they pay three months in arrears, Cllr Dabbs said if it was a normal residential tenant, they would still be liable, clerk to send invoice. Cllr Soar left at this point.

    The clerk has contacted Stagecoach buses about the problem on route 16 at Davies Close of non pick-up of the elderly couple (brought up by Cllr Keeton at a previous meeting), the company assured her that they would talk to the drivers concerned.

    The Karate group leaders are wanting to arrange a free event for local females only, of 13 plus years old, one Saturday, to help awareness of personal safety, basic self-defence, what to do if you are attacked, ways of making yourself less vulnerable to attackers. They will be getting in touch with the local PCSO to help with informing people of the course. They would like to use our hall, but are looking for a reduced rate if possible, as it is a free community event. Cllr Thompson suggested charging them a reduced rate, perhaps just what it would cost the council to open up. The clerk will put this on the next agenda to be voted on at the next meeting.

  19. Date and time of next meeting - Wednesday 11th February 2015 at 7pm.

  20. Exclusion of Press and Public


    The meeting ended at 8.15pm

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