Clipstone Parish Council Meeting Minutes May 2014


Councillors - Mr Dave Thompson (Chair), Mr Mark Dabbs, Mrs Rose Keeton, Mr Gary Adams, Mrs Rebecca Power, Mr Kevin Halfpenny, Mr Robert Vilinskis.

1 member of the public.

In attendance: Jennifer Lowe

  1. Election of Officers
    1. Chairman Mark Dabbs. Proposed Robert Vilinskis, Seconded Rebecca Power, passed unanimously
    2. Vice Chairman Barbara Brownley. Proposed Rose Keeton, Seconded Rebecca Power, passed unanimously
    3. Vice Chairman Kevin Halfpenny. Proposed Rebecca Power, Seconded Robert Vilinskis, passed unanimously.

  2. Committees & Working Parties Members
    1. Assets Committee. Gary Adams, Barbara Brownley and Rose Keeton. Passed unanimously.
    2. Environment Committee Mark Dabbs, Barbara Brownley, Rose Keeton, Kevin Halfpenny and Dave Thompson. Passed unanimously

  3. Representatives to other agencies
    1. Safer Neighbourhood Group Sheila Soar and Dave Thompson as district councillors, and Kevin Halfpenny. Passed unanimously.

  4. Welcome by Chair
  5. Thanks to Dave Thompson for his work as Chair over the past months.

  6. Apologies for Absence

    Cllr John Peck (NCC), Cllr Sheila Soar, Cllr Barbara Brownley (was present at the beginning of the meeting, but had to leave soon after for a personal emergency).

  7. Declarations of Interest


  8. Determination of Confidentiality

    Item 27

  9. Approval of Minutes from April Meeting

    Proposed Rebecca Power, seconded Rose Keeton, approved unanimously.

  10. Matters arising from minutes

    Reminder that there is a Safer Neighbourhood Meeting at the Parish Hall on 27th May.

    The Skate Park is not progressing due to issues of who owns the lease. Shelia Soar emailed in a message, Mark Dabbs read it out:-

    "I have had an urgent message from John Peck re this who has spoken to Ross Marshall (Nottinghamshire County Council skate park and leisure officer) who is currently trying to draw up plans for the skate park and get it in for the WREN bid. Ross is concerned about lack of progress on the Wren bid which will considerably affect the quality of any skate park we can build if we do not get it before the deadline, and miss out on funds.

    At the last PC meeting it was agreed that solicitors would be instructed to draw up the lease. The welfare agreed 20 years in principle - although there were some issues with regard to status viz a vie land ownership and who was the relevant person to apply for a WREN bid (us or the welfare Richard Clarey was going to discuss this with Trustees and their accountant re liability but has not got back so far) this wants all clarifying ASAP but in any case there is no reason why the PC cannot agree this lease now the other issues can be dealt with later but a lease needs to be in place.

    I have asked Jen to arrange for a meeting to discuss all this which needs to take place as a matter of urgency or we are going to miss out on about 50K on this round of funds, I was also contacted by telephone by WREN last week and asked for a copy of the lease I communicated this information to Jen as without this again we are going to miss out.

    Although we can apply again in December for WREN John Peck is concerned that the Local Improvement Scheme money needs to be spent sooner rather than later and certainly the project needs to be completed in this financial year (before the end of March 2015).

    The builder who bought the Friendship club has now cleared the site and so that is sorted.

    I am unable to attend Wednesday's PC meeting but another working party needs organising by someone immediately and Ross Marshall needs to be invited possibly together with Richard Clarey.

    I am available most evenings next week although I cannot speak for the situation with Ross Marshall or Richard Clarey both of whom it would be best if they were there to sort all this.

    This is all last minute again which seems to catch us out every time and seems to give rise to other issues and complaints if I try to progress things Lets get this sorted for the benefit of the children in the community Various Parish Council/s councillors has been on with it now for over 4 years and all too often Clipstone finishes up as poor relation to the rest."

    Councillors asked that John Peck should be contacting all the members of the working party, and keeping them informed. Cllr Dave Thompson asked the clerk to contact everyone concerned when there is new information on the Skate Park.

  11. District Council Matters

    Dave Thompson Reported:

    The District had elections last night (13th May), nothing else of importance to report from District. All agencies need to work together to sort the problem of the Car Sales problem, but very little can be done due to the weak law.

    Sheila Soar Reported:

    Shelia again emailed in a message, Mark Dabbs read it out:-

    "Nothing much to say from my side as there have been few meetings last night was the AGM.

    Following residents complaints myself and John Peck have had another go at the parking issues around Central Drive and the flood lights at the Squinting Cat John Peck has also looked at addressing cars for sale on pavements and parking of cars on highways land, Planning Department maintain it is difficult to enforce any planning regs because the planning decisions written re Squinting Cat and Clipstone Car Sales are poorly worded and would have difficulty standing up in a court of law Mr Kang has experienced high levels of vandalism and although the planning judgement from the Inspectorate said prior permission should be sought before cameras and floodlights were installed planning feel that in view of the amounts of damage he has had CCTV and lighting is not unreasonable. Needless to say local residents are not happy feeling the lights are polluting and the CCTV an invasion of privacy.

    The guy on the corner of 3rd Avenue who sells care has been warned about running a business from his home and told enforcement will be taken if he continues but until Notts County Council adopt some legal Act (John Peck knows the exact details and it may be in his report) then they maintain little can be done about cars parked on the pavement. John Peck is ongoing with this.

    Safer Neighbourhoods, There are problems with children playing noisily on the Central grass area and that is ongoing with NSDC and the Safer Neighbourhood team. As previously told to the PC I have asked for some funding from the ASBO fund for activities for children in the summer I have not heard anything as yet. Last time it was fit-ball coaching and dance tuition run in conjunction with Clipstone Colts Samuel Barlow school and the youth club. That's my NS DC report"

  12. Questions and Petitions from Public

    Jim Gibson from the Scout group told the council that the Scouts will be planting poppies outside the Scout Hall for the WW1 celebrations, and can the Parish workers be told not to spray or cut them down? Clerk to inform Parish workers.

    Also, the problem of cars parking at the Squinting Cat, and the amount of potholes around the village, bits of tarmac on Central Drive are blocking gullies and cars could lose control.

  13. Feedback from Committees and Working Parties

    None (see item 9)

  14. Finance Matters

    • Bills for payment approved unanimously
    • Late Bills for payment approved unanimously

  15. Planning and Licensing Matters

    Planning appeal Mr Adrian Gillott - 1 Forest Road - Noted

    Planning committee agenda (Checked with Barbara Brownley)

  16. Legal Matter


  17. Burial Grants

    Anne Wright - approved.

    Letter request from Mrs E Godber for burial grant directly next to plot H2 (her son) - denied, no plot available, councillors insist on keeping to the new cemetery plan, but Clerk to offer nearest plot available.

  18. 122 Highfield Rd, request for fencing

    Request denied; the Clerk went to look at the problem fence, and reported that we would need to put up fencing to cover 122 Highfield and also the neighbours boundary, and this could result in more requests from other residents. The Council decided that the properties are rented from Newark & Sherwood County Council, and so it is their concern. We should not be paying for residents fences. Dave Thomson was not happy about the tree line being removed from that area in the first place.

  19. Cllr. Mark Dabbs update on Car Sales problem

    Mark stated that at one point, 9 cars were for sale outside one residential property. Mark has informed N&S DC and Revenues, that the property is not registered for business, and Notts CC don't seem to care about the problem. Placing of knee rails were suggested to help alleviate the problem, on Davis Close.

    Cllr Rebecca Power asked if the seller had the correct insurance on his property to be using as a business? She also suggested parking fines for cars parked on kerbs; is it an Health & Safety issue?

    Cllr Dave Thompson said the police would have to fine everybody in the area for parking on the kerb, they could not be selective. He asked if a local bye-law could be implemented?

  20. Authorisation for PAT testing

    Authorised to contact previous company - Zebra Electrics, to carry out the work.

  21. Broken window and solar tubes, consider grills

    Authorised to see if a grill can be made to cover the tubes and the windows before purchasing replacements. Dave Thompson requested that we try to paint the metal grill so that match the surrounding area.

  22. Mick Daley request for information about test drills or to do testing

    Authorised to carry out test drills with regards to the estimate from Mick Daley.

  23. Requirements for Food Standards Agency Award

    Upgrades approved unanimously.

  24. Probation policy

    Extension of short policy in employee contract to clarify some points; approved unanimously.

  25. Correspondence
    • Clipstone Camp WW1 Centenary Project

      Shelia Soar (Group Secretary) requested that this letter be placed in correspondence section of the agenda, as it was received after its issue. The letter is asking for funding, and councillors agreed that it should be included as an agenda item at the next meeting.

    • Clipstone Colliery Regeneration Group

      Requesting permission to close a road on Gala day. Approved

    • National Citizen Service

      Promoting government backed youth programme.

    • Local Government Boundary Commission

      Review of Newark & Sherwood – Final recommendations.

    • Citizens Advice Bureaux

      Moving to the Health Centre. Thanks to the Parish Council for all their support.

    • Mansfield District Council

      Warsop Parish Neighbourhood Plan

    • Newark & Sherwood District Council

      Adoption of the Wind Energy Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). Chairman's Chat.

    • Granwax

      Advertising cleaning products for their floors (as used in the main hall).

    • 10 Downing Street (David Cameron)

      Information about new Employment Allowance, £2k of NI bill. We are excluded from claiming, as we are a Parish Council and not a charity.

    • Ian Pearson

      Email. Asking for comment on walkway near Vicars Water, and the issue of parking and access for residents.

  26. AOB

    Cllr Rebecca Power asked if the cushions and the old table in the meeting room could be removed to make the place look better, also, some areas of the hall/meeting room could do with decorating. Clerk to arrange with Parish workers.

    Rebecca mentioned that there seems to be many youngsters riding around on motorbikes without helmets on.

    Rebecca was also concerned about the cleanliness of the hall floor after the dog clubs had been. Clerk to ask Parish workers to clean hall floor thoroughly after every dog club.

    Cllr Kevin Halfpenny commented that some concern has been raised about trees on South Crescent affecting the phone lines.

    Cllr Dave Thompson was concerned about the CCTV cameras in the village. Were they working, as there had been an incident on Third Avenue, and nothing had been captured on the CCTV? Clerk to speak to Newark & Sherwood District Council about this.

    Cllr Robert Vilinskis reported that there were concerns what will happen to the Headstocks?

    Cllr Mark Dabbs & Dave Thompson asked about progress on the contract for grass cutting from N&S DC. Clerk to contact Mike Keeling.

  27. Date and time of next meeting - Wednesday 11th June 2014 at 7pm

    Meeting finished at 8.30pm

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