Clipstone Parish Council Meeting Minutes April 2015


Councillors - Cllr Barbara Brownley (Acting Chair), Cllr Gary Adams, Cllr Rebecca Power, Cllr Robert Vilinskis, County Cllr John Peck.

Jennifer Lowe (Clerk)

9 members of the public.

Cllr Barbara Brownley (Vice Chair) took the position of acting chair due to apologies from Cllr Mark Dabbs.

  1. Welcome by Chair

  2. Chairman's report


    Unfortunately I start my report on a sad note with the passing of Councillor Rose Keeton. Rose was a popular councillor and a lifelong resident of our village, and will be sorely missed by all those who knew her.

    In the past financial year there have been significant savings across all areas of council spending, even though the council had to pay out a substantial legal bill. The savings have only been possible due to the hard work of our present clerk Jen Lowe.

    I am hopeful that the future elected council members will scrutinise and seek legal advice before making any future financial decisions which could result in the tax payers of this Parish losing out once again.

    Finally I would like to thank Jen and those individual Council members who have supported me in my role as Chairman over the past year, and I wish them well in the up and coming elections. Hopefully the newly elected Council will work together as a team to achieve its main obligations to the Parishioners of the village, instead of their own individual agendas.

    Regards Mark Dabbs

  3. Financial Report

    Dear Council,
    Again, the council has been careful and spent within its budget in the last financial year.

    The Bank accounts show a healthy figure of £115k as off 31st March 2015, as opposed to last year's figures of £88k and there are still two accounts for the council to gain access to, with approximately £8k in (Lloyd's old account and Mansfield Building Society account).

    This has been achieved by savings from such things as HR and negotiations with suppliers, and increased income from the cemetery and Village hall. One major cost was a large legal bill, so the councillors have to ensure that they scrutinise every decision they make for any future consequences and not just for short term popularity.

    It has been a challenging year, with grants from NSDC again being cut; I can see no end to this precedence, until you receive no grant at all, and just have to rely on the precept and other forms of income. This is where every opportunity the council has to utilise their properties and workforce should be taken for the benefit of all the residents of Clipstone Parish, and not just a select few, and to keep the precept at a reasonable level.

    Regards, Jennifer Lowe Clerk - Clipstone Parish Council

  4. Apologies for Absence

    Cllr Mark Dabbs, Cllr Dave Thompson.

  5. Declarations of Interest

    Cllr Adams declared an interest in item 18.

  6. Declarations of Confidentiality

    Item 21, Staffing Update.

  7. Approval of Minutes from March 2015 Meeting

    Proposed Cllr Power, seconded Cllr Adams, approved unanimously.

  8. Matters arising from minutes

    The Chair read an email from Ellen McGuinness, Improvements Officer NCC concerning the proposal for double yellow lines at Central Drive / Sixth Avenue.

    "Thank you for notifying me of the support from the meeting - that's great news!

    Regarding the enforcement of the double yellow lines; as a department we are only responsible for the consultation, installation of the works and any accompanying legal documents surrounding the scheme.

    However, as part of this process we will inform the District Parking Manager for the Newark and Sherwood District of the new order and the date of it coming into force. From there, it is up to the District Parking Manager to put provisions in place to enforce the order if and when contravention occurs. I hope this response is satisfactory. Any other questions do not hesitate to contact me."

  9. Reports from County & District Councillors

    Report from Cllr Peck:

    This is the last parish council before the elections; the parish council are all volunteers, and he looks forward to working with them in the future.
    Forest Road is in this year’s works program, and passed, so it should happen, though he doesn’t know how much of it will be done, hopefully in the third quarter, nearer Christmas. There needs to be consideration for parking before the works can start.

    The yellow lines on Central Drive need to be reported if they are being flaunted, with parking wardens checking and issuing tickets if needed.
    The van sales marque issue is still in appeal, hopefully, it will be enforced.

    There were no questions for Cllr Peck.

  10. Questions and Petitions from Public

    Richard Clarey: why is planning given to retrospective planning, and no consideration of the views of local people and the parish council taken into consideration? The planning committee seems to have no teeth.
    Cllr Power said what is the point if they don't listen to us? It gives the go ahead for others to file retrospective planning and take advantage of the system.

    Cllr Peck said there are quite a lot of retrospective planning applications, but under the present law, there is very little that can be done, as the officers are recommending we pass it. If it goes to appeal, it costs the local authority a lot of money.

    Richard also asked why neighbouring properties had not been informed of the planning at the allotment site. Planning officers seem to do what they like?
    Matt Lamb, the Senior Planning Officer is the best person to write to.

  11. Feedback from Committees and Working Parties

    Briefing from meeting concerning the former Squash & Sauna Club
    Tuesday 31st March 2015:-

    It was agreed to advertise on our website and notice boards for proposals from other prospective tenants from 1st April until 5pm 8th April.
    The council in general were not happy with a long term lease for the sum of £1.

    The council were concerned that the Colts had disregarded the idea of sharing the building with Clare Jones, as they had done with SR Education.
    Other areas of concern were that they would not meet their utility / insurance costs, and that the council might be liable for them.
    Also, why had they not seriously considered using container buildings for showers / changing, as other clubs had done?

    Careful consideration has to be taken in regards to the covenants NSDC had attached to the purchase when the council had brought the building for £1; should the council insist NSDC change these or withdraw them, or the council will mothball the building indefinitely?

  12. Finance Matters

    • Approval of payments in April 2015

    Also included some late payments. Approved unanimously.
    Clerk reminded the council of the impending internal audit, quoted from Roger Snowdin at £165.

  13. Planning and Licensing Matters

    Notice of Decision Mr Kang - Land at Vicars Court, Full planning permission with conditions.

    Notice of decision Mr Mcilvenna - 21 Church Rd , Full planning permission with conditions.

    Application for ground floor extension 9 North Crescent.
    No objections.

    Alterations to existing roof, Clipstone Scout Group.
    No objections.

  14. Legal Matters


  15. Burial Grants

    Mary Owen, Gillian Wain, David Evans, Ms Keeton, Letter from A Roy. Approved unanimously.

  16. Correspondence
    • Newark & Sherwood District Council

      Adoption of the Statement of Community Involvement.
      Email from Mike Keeling concerning gritting routes.

    • Notts County Council

      Information about applying to fit hanging baskets up in the parish.

    • Police & Crime Commissioner

      The Beat newsletter.

    • Newark and Sherwood Citizens Advice Bureau

      Thanks for the £750 donation from the council.

    • NAVACH

      AGM, north Wheatley Village Hall, 7pm Wed 29th April

    • Alison Pringle

      Request to store four 'crash mats' in place of old 'Karate mats'.

    • Phillip Sparrow

      Email about Edwinstowe council saving £7.5k leasing land to a football club.

    • Denise Barraclough

      Email, offer of help with the CISWO lease.

    • Zurich Municipal

      Free buildings valuation tool online.

    • CVS team

      Funding opportunity COMA.

    • Edwinstowe United Community Association - Pauline Meechan

      Invitation to Community plan information event.

  17. Requirements from Councillors when giving apologies and attendance

    A reminder to all. The good councillor's guide states:

    "All councillors have a duty to attend council meetings. If you cannot make it, you should contact the clerk in good time, with an apology and explanation. A darts match is not an adequate excuse, whereas illness or work commitments are."

  18. Future of the former Squash & Sauna Club

    Email from Kevin Wilson: "Dear parish council, We have been in touch with two other local youth organisations about a joint venture for the squash and sauna centre, but with it being Easter holidays they haven't been able to hold full committee meetings. So in the interest of fairness we would like to ask for a deferment of one month so that a full and final proposal can be submitted. With thanks Kevin Wilson Vice president Clipstone welfare colts fc"

    The councillors had a discussion and took a vote on this and decided to reject the deferment, as there had been plenty of time in their opinion, for the Colts to have put forward any new proposals.

    Cllr Brownley read out a statement from Clare Jones, (attached at the end of the minutes).

    A member of the public (Dawn Sparrow) spoke in favour of Clare's bid in relation to the advantages for the children of the area. She believes the proposed building could be a good meeting point for parents and children to integrate and play.

    Cllr Vilinskis asked why the parties could not work together, but Clare said they had tried to speak to the Colts to work something out, but that the Colts did not get back to them.

    Richard Clarey said there may be problems including parking as the Welfare own the adjoining land; also, there was really no alternative building for the young footballers to use. Cllr Power said there would be plenty of parking behind the Parish Hall or on the highway. Cllr Power also stated that the Colts, at the last meeting, insisted that they were nothing to do with the Welfare; Richard said the Colts are part of the Welfare committee sub-group. Cllr Power said the Squash and Sauna Club needs to be beneficial to all the community of Clipstone and area.

    Kevin Wilson apologised to the Council for Jamie Hardwick-s conduct. He said a joint venture with Clare would not be viable as the building needs two entrances, and at least three changing rooms and additional girls changing rooms.

    Cllr Vilinskis said that it looked like Clare would get the council's vote, but could the Colts still be included in their plan?

    Clare Jones said that the Colts told her that it was not viable, plus their changing room needs keep expanding. The plans already drawn up now do not now include the Colts but other community groups, and it would mean Clare would have to produce yet another set of plans.

    Cllr Power said the Colts stated that they would outgrow the facilities so how can the council give a lease for 99 years for £1; Kevin Wilson said football is changing quickly, but they can use different pitches for their needs. The coaching hours has a value to the community, but Cllr Power said it does not have a financial value to the council.

    Richard Clarey asked why couldn't Clare use the Village Hall as it is not used much, Cllr Brownley corrected him saying it is used well by different community groups.

    Philip Sparrow asked why can't the Colts use the land at the back of the cemetery and put up Porta-cabins? Kevin Wilson said it would need to be fenced off, and Richard Clarey said it would cost the Welfare for additional insurance there.

    The clerk reminded the council of the covenants on the building, and the council will need to speak to NSDC about these.

    The council voted in favour of Clare Jones' bid for the lease of the former Squash and Sauna Club, subject to the meeting with NSDC concluding amicably.

    The clerk asked that the council now clarify with the Colts when they need to be leaving the building, and it was decided that they leave at the end of May.

  19. AOB - Comments from Councillors


  20. Date and time of next meeting - Wednesday 13th May 2015 at 7pm.

  21. Exclusion of Press and Public

    Staffing Matters

    The meeting ended at 9pm

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