Clipstone Parish Council Meeting Minutes January 2014


Councillors - Mr Dave Thompson (Chair), Mrs Sheila Soar, Mr Robert Vilinskis, Mr Mark Dabbs, Mrs Barbara Brownley, Mrs Rose Keeton, Mr Gary Adams, Mr John Peck. (County Councillor)

1 member of the public & press

In attendance: Phil Burgess

  1. Welcome by Chair

  2. Apologies for absence

    None received.

  3. Declarations of interest


  4. Declaration of Confidentiality

    Agenda Item 20 to be discussed after exclusion of press and public.

  5. Approval of Minutes from December Meeting

    Proposed Sheila Soar, seconded Mark Dabbs, approved unanimously.

  6. Matters arising from minutes

    • Item 7

      Clerk has contacted Matt Lamb re non-attendance at December meeting. No response as yet. Further contact to be made.

    • Item 14 - Burial Grants

      Sheila Soar stated that titles of grantees should be shown on both agendas and minutes. Noted by clerk.

    • Item 15 - Land to rear of Methodist Chapel

      Clerk reported no increase on £25,000 offer from developer of Methodist chapel. An interest had been shown by David Giles who may make an offer. Both Sheila Soar and Robert Vilinskis pointed out that the value would be greatly enhanced with outline planning permission. Planning permission would be considered at the March meeting along with any further offers.

    • Item 19 - NCHA Land Update

      The bay on Forest Rd nearest the cemetery has been inspected by Phil Burgess, Dave Thompson and Wayne Power and it is feasible to repair for car parking. Action: Clerk to obtain quote for materials and contact NCHA to negotiate takeover.

  7. County Council Matters

    John Peck reported the following:

    Headstocks Meeting due 20th Jan which will hopefully establish a common approach at county and district level. The report will be available for the next full council meeting.

    The budget consultation is shortly to close on the required £154m savings at county level. Cuts will definitely affect front line services. Essential services in disadvantaged areas will be retained wherever possible.

  8. District Council Matters

    Sheila enquired re the skate park LIS application. John Peck replied that the committee meets in February but cuts mean the outcome is unlikely to be favourable.

    The Davis Close knee rail was raised. John Peck advised council should contact Mike Keeling for permission. Action: Clerk to pursue. Mark Dabbs raised the matter of the centenary celebrations for WW1. Sheila Soar will liaise with John Peck.

    Mark Dabbs raised the matter of the centenary celebrations for WW1. Sheila Soar will liaise with John Peck.

    • Squinting Cat

      The latest problem here is the light pollution from the new floodlights. 11 or 12 planning conditions were stipulated for this site and few have been met. Adrian Adams is looking at enforcement.

    • Dave Thompson

      Raised the issue again of the nuisance caused by the Sycamore trees on Mansfield Rd. John Peck asked for an e-mail reminder to pursue. Action: Clerk to arrange reminder.

    The District Council meeting schedule restarts Monday 13th following Xmas break.

  9. Questions & Petitions from the public

    Jim Gibson raised the following issues:

    • Headstocks

      Regretted lack of progress.

    • First Avenue Sewage works

      These are affecting buses and creating bottlenecks. The fact that it should be used for local access only is not indicated clearly. Action: Clerk to write to STWA.

  10. Feedback from Working Parties and Committees


  11. Finance Matters

    • Bills for payment approved unanimously.

    • Late Bills for payment approved unanimously.

    • 2014-15 budget and capital spending per finance meeting ratified unanimously.

    • 2014-15 precept per finance meeting ratified unanimously.

  12. Planning Matters

    • New applications for consideration


    • Decisions by NSDC Planning

      22 Seventh Avenue - garage approved - noted.

    • Additional Information

      Revised plans for the land off Vicar's Court. The council had rejected this application on the grounds of land-locking. Revised plans now give access to land to the west (owned by Co-op). The developer has also confirmed that the building will be used to house 5 disabled people plus a carer around the clock. The council approved the revised plans unanimously.

  13. Legal Matters

    Highfield Rd Land dispute

    Mediation date still not set. Expected February.

  14. Memorial Applications and Burial Grants

    Replacement deeds for Mrs I Haywood approved

    Transfer of rights for Mandy Greaves (title not quoted) approved

  15. Cemetery Plan

    In the light of two recent duplications of burial grant deeds the clerk proposed that a new burial plan be drawn up with details of any purchased deeds relating to each plot and any unmarked graves. This would be a long task involving checking and recording of all the old ledgers from 1932. The council approved an additional 50 hours for the clerk to undertake this.

    Sheila Soar pointed out that the original burial register was in a poor state. Action : Clerk to arrange for re-binding.

  16. Cemetery Closing Times

    Instances of the cemetery being left open overnight and closed very late had been recorded recently. The council's view was that the closing time should not be later than dusk or 4 p.m. if later, as we would be liable for vandalism. The situation would be monitored and if necessary reprimands will be used.

  17. Bus Service Reductions

    The "have your say" consultation document reports that the 16 service is to lose an early morning journey and 15 service a Sunday journey. The loss of the 16 early morning will affect access to employment. Action: Clerk to raise concerns on behalf of the council & approach Doyle's coaches to see if an alternative service can be run.

  18. Correspondence

    Council requested that we send a letter of support to the Bilsthorpe resident with concerns over the proposed incinerator to be sited there Clerk to pursue

  19. Any Other Business


  20. Date and Time of next meeting: Weds 12th February 2014 at 7p.m.

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