Clipstone Parish Council Meeting Minutes May 2013


Councillors - Mr Dave Thompson (Acting Chair), Mr Gary Adams, Mrs Barbara Brownley, Mr Mark Dabbs, Mr Robert Vilinskis, Mrs Rose Keeton, Mrs Beccy Power.

County Councillor - Mr John Peck

7 members of the public

In attendance: Phil Burgess

  1. Election of Officers
    1. Chairman Dave Thompson. Proposed Gary Adams, Seconded Barbara Brownley, passed unanimously

    2. Vice Chairman Barbara Brownley. Proposed Robert Vilinskis, Seconded Rose Keeton passed unanimously

    3. Vice Chairman Mark Dabbs. Proposed Barbara Brownley, seconded Beccy Power passed unanimously.

    Additional Item: Request from the public to move skate park agenda item to an earlier slot. Agreed unanimously to incorporate item 18 with item 10.

  2. Committees & Working Parties Members
    1. Finance & Strategy All members present plus Sheila Soar. Passed unanimously

    2. Assets Committee. Mark Dabbs, Gary Adams, Beccy Power Barbara Brownley & Dave Thompson as chair. Passed unanimously.

    3. Environment Committee Mark Dabbs, Barbara Brownley, Rose Keeton and Dave Thompson. Passed unanimously

    4. Skate Park Committee. Dave Thompson, Beccy Power and Sheila Soar. Passed unanimously.

  3. Representatives to other agencies
    1. Safer Neighbourhood Group Sheila Soar and Dave Thompson as district councillors. Proposed Mark Dabbs seconded Barbara Brownley. Passed unanimously.

  4. Welcome by the Chairman

  5. Apologies

    Cllrs Sheila Soar and Terry Harkess

  6. Declarations of interest

    None declared.

  7. Declaration of Confidentiality

    Agenda item 22 to be dealt with after press and public excluded.

  8. Approval of Minutes from April Meeting

    Agreed as a true record but bore an incorrect date. Agreed unanimously.

    Action: Phil Burgess to amend date on master record before Chairman's signature

  9. Matters arising
    • Website

      Mark Dabbs reported that photograph sent to Dave Playford (web designer) was subject to copyright & could not be used. Requested alternative photographs of village.

      Action: Mark Dabbs to canvass local businesses for advertising. Free initially, chargeable in long term.

    • Balancing Pond

      Risk assessment done & in red folder. Now awaiting structural engineers report.

    • Samuel Barlow

      Request for funding for replacement sign (much needed - per Rose Keeton)

      Action: Mark Dabbs to contact head for requirements for June Agenda.

  10. Questions & Petitions from the public

    Note item 18 also incorporated in this item.

    • Skate Park

      Jane Norris (son wrote original request to SS requesting skate park) stated there is much support in her area, the older kids at moment hang around a park for under 5s as no facilities exist. 2nd parishioner added his support although his kids were much older. 3rd parishioner stated that extreme sports needed a place to focus on & could well attract shop sponsorship.

      Mark Dabbs suggested siting at Vicar Water as there was CCTV and cafe. Parishioners were opposed to this as Highfield Rd is council land and more central. There is also a -hanging around- problem here which would have focus. Beccy Power willing to speak to students in local schools to keep them informed of developments. John Peck added his support to skate park proposals.

    • Recent Article in Chad

      Parishioner reported that a recent article about Clipstone was divisive and inferred there were distinct areas. Mark Dabbs stated this was not the view of the council and Dave Thompson added Clipstone would be treated as a single community.

    • Central Drive Parking

      Dave Thompson stated it is still a big problem, main issue being overflow from Clipstone Car Sales. John Peck stated N&SDC could help with enforcement.

    • Pothole Issue

      John Peck stated pothole policy under review at NCC - hopefully will improve. Dave Thompson pointed out roads used to be tarred and scattered regularly which sealed the road surface.

    • Headstocks

      John Peck stated report has been issued to N&SDC by English Heritage which contains confidential details & has not been revealed to the public. De-listing the structure is a long & difficult process.

    • Zebra Crossing

      Highways have rejected zebra crossing - it may be possible to re-apply for one between 6th and 7th Avenues as the original was too near a junction.

  11. Questions from Councillors

    Mark Dabbs stated policies and procedures stipulate that non-attendance at 6 meetings disqualifies a councillor from service. Cllr Harkess has not attended this year and attended only 2 meetings in 2012.

    Action : Phil Burgess to check attendance and code of conduct and report back.

  12. Feedback from Committees
    • Assets Committee

      Future of village hall discussed. Suggestion that the council involve SR education in BRE bidding process

      Action : Phil Burgess to check with Sharon re status of BRE bid.

      Beccy Power suggested door be knocked through from the kitchen to main hall for access and avoidance of disturbing smaller room.

      Privacy and locks an issue in cubicles.

      Action: Phil Burgess to arrange with parish workers.

      New section of the graveyard to be kept clear of adornments. Sheila Soar is already actioning.

      Next Asset meeting 16.07.13

    • Environment Committee

      Last meeting held 07.05.13

      Dave Thompson asked John Peck if training courses available for spraying and burning for weeds. John Peck to check with NCC.

      Stickers required for grit bins and locations of bins for re-filling.

      Dog Fouling in the Sixth Avenue/Church Rd area. A request has been made for people to report fouling. Currently 19 bins in Clipstone. The School is to install a 20th and it will be added to the PC rota. Mark Dabbs reported Samuel Barlow primary school kids are to undertake an awareness project on dog fouling.

    • Safer Neighbourhood Group

      Minutes circulated at meeting. The speeding operation in and around Clipstone has had a reasonable amount of success.

  13. Finance Matters
    • April Payments

      Approved unanimously.

    • Feedback from audit

      General accounting issues to be resolved by Clerk. VH committee was discussed prior to the meeting. It was stated that the VH committee had agreed to wind up rather than the PC making a decision to disband it. In addition the meeting was told that the VH had never been leased to the committee and had always been under PC control.

  14. Planning Matters
    • Decisions of Planning Authority

      No new decisions from N&SDC

    • New applications for comment

      Garage at 69 Forest Rd. Plans viewed at meeting. Supported.

    • Draft affordable Housing

      Postponed until June meeting

  15. Actions taken by Chair

    PC policy meeting, no decision

  16. Memorial Applications and Burial Grants

    No objections subject to applications meeting requirements.

  17. Correspondence
    • Update on land dispute

      Dave Thompson reported things are moving after a meeting with the solicitor.

      Action - Phil Burgess to circulate details to councillors

  18. Consultations

    Skatepark - Dealt with under item 10.

  19. District Council Matters

    None to report - election purdah

  20. County Council Matters
    • Budget

      John Peck reports money very tight at NCC level. £133M in cuts to budget over next 4 years, coupled with ageing population and rising birth rate.

    • Road Safety

      20mph speed limit to be imposed around all schools. Parking on zig-zag lines to be enforceable rather than advisory. Mark Dabbs stated 20mph limit is needed outside Samuel Barlow a.s.a.p with double yellow lines at the junction.

      Beccy Power queried how easy this is to enforce. Advised N&SDC will target areas if required.

    • Street Lights

      Decision taken by NCC not to switch off street lights at night.

    • Davis Close Flower Bed

      27th September is deadline for LIS scheme - Dave Thompson

      Action: Dave Thompson and John Peck to put in bid.

  21. Date and Time of next meeting: Wednesday 12th June 2013 at 7pm.

  22. Any Other Business
    • Heating System

      Barbara Brownley informed the council that there is a problem with the heating in that it sometimes cannot be turned off.

      Action : Phil Burgess to chase Bull & Sons Plumbers to have it remedied.

    • Tables in Hall

      Beccy Power asked re the possibility of the tables in storeroom and 25 collapsible tables could be sold. Gary Adams will check.

    • Van

      Van still required.

      Action : Phil Burgess to check any progress with Sharon and report back

    • Hall Hire

      Clubs are still over-running at the village hall. This results in additional payments to parish workers.

      Action : Phil Burgess to issue letter to all clubs to state overruns will be charged at the staff hourly rate.

    • CISWO

      Mark Dabbs raised issue of Coal Industry Social Welfare Scheme an organisations for the welfare of ex-miners.

      Action Phil Burgess to advertise facility in council notice boards and keep an information pack at the parish office.

    • Car Parking

      Robert Vilinskis stated Van sales is more of a problem than car repairs. Dave Thompson advised that vans are also owned by Clipstone Car Sales.

    • Notice Boards

      Richard Cleary at the Miner's welfare to be advised that notice board would be removed to Parish Office and ground made good by Parish Workers.

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