Clipstone Parish Council Meeting Minutes October 2014


Councillors - Cllr Mark Dabbs (Chair), Cllr Barbara Brownley (Vice Chair), Cllr Sheila Soar , Cllr Dave Thompson, Cllr Gary Adams, Cllr Robert Vilinskis, County Cllr John Peck.

Jennifer Lowe (Clerk)

7 members of the public. PCSO Thom Lammiman

  1. Welcome by Chair

    Cllr Mark Dabbs read a statement out concerning Cllr Kevin Halfpenny complaints, and the outcome of a meeting on Monday 29th September.

  2. Apologies for Absence

    Cllr Kevin Halfpenny, Cllr Rebecca Power, Cllr Rose Keeton.

  3. Declarations of Interest


  4. Declarations of Confidentiality

    Item 12 placed in section 22.

  5. Approval of Minutes from September Meeting

    Proposed Cllr Barbara Brownley, seconded Cllr Gary Adams, approved unanimously.

  6. Matters arising from minutes

    Cllr Sheila Soar asked when the matter of Gifting of Land would be on the agenda again? The Clerk confirmed that Kathryn Henshaw had been contacted and she would try to speak at the next meeting.

  7. Reports from County & District Councillors

    County Cllr John Peck report:- still concerned about the bad state of Forest Road, he is hoping to get something done in next year's budget, he will keep us informed.

    Central Drive problems with parking, meeting with Mike Keeling 23rd October. Mike doesn't want the problem just being moved down the road if something is done about it there. Cllr Sheila Soar asked if she could also attend the meeting on the 23rd?

    Interactive speed sign, the location on the map is the only place it can really be put.

    Can the Clerk keep in touch with him about any progress on the Skate Park? John left the meeting at 7.15pm.

    Cllr Shelia Soar said that earlier in the year, there had been problems at Hillcote play area at Cavendish Estate with children kicking balls and hitting resident's cars and balls landing in people's gardens. The people who lived in the area did not want the children there. Phil Beard NSDC Parks and Leisure Officer had a £8k scheme, which had been signed off by Cllrs Soar and Dave Thompson, using 106 monies, to landscape part of the area, but still leave somewhere for the children to play. The children could use a play park near Dodson Way but parents consider it too close to the woods to be safe.

    Cllr Dave Thompson said there is a big review of housing allocations through the Localism bill. Local council committees will have more power to set their own policies, so hopefully they can set policies to get more affordable housing for the local people.

  8. Questions and Petitions from Public

    Public - how can Cllr Halfpenny get away with what he has done? This looks bad on the council as a whole.

    Cllr Dabbs replied that the statement at the beginning of the meeting explains the situation.

    Cllr Robert Vilinskis said Cllr Halfpenny's behaviour is exceptionally bad and not like the majority of councillors. The council had had a one hour meeting to discuss the matter and any actions they could take, but they had to accept the fact that there was no action that could be taken legally.

    Cllr Barbara Brownley said he was not elected, but co-opted as no one had put up their name for election at that time.

    Cllr Dave Thompson was chair at the time, said there was no reason for him not to be co-opted on; he could have gone to a higher authority to complain if he had not been able to be co-opted on for a good reason.

    Cllr Sheila Soar stated that laws had changed, and that has tied the hands of the councillors. Maybe the council should use closed votes in the future? The public has no confidence in Cllr Halfpenny. A copy of the NSDC complaints form was handed out.

    An issue with the height of the trees and lorries knocking branches off them on South Crescent was raised, Cllr Dave Thompson said that Newark & Sherwood Homes owned that area, and he will get in touch with them to report it.

    The school drive entrance on Church Road has a problem with cars parked obscuring the view of the children crossing, Cllr Thompson or Cllr Soar could ask Cllr John Peck to look into it.

  9. Feedback from Committees and Working Parties

    Only the meeting concerning the complaints about Cllr Halfpenny.

  10. Finance Matters

    • Approval of payments in October 2014
      Approved unanimously.

    • CCTV contract renewal
      The councillors had been sent statistics from the CCTV operators covering almost 6 years of operation, previous to the meeting. Annual costs of running the CCTV scheme of £6234 including VAT.
      Several councillors thought that it had lowered crime, but others considered that it was expensive. PCSO Thom Lammiman said he advised we keep it as it was good for evidence in court, and he thought it had cut crime.
      Approved unanimously.

    • NCC Winter Service order
      Clerk informed the Council that we will received 5 x 25kg salt bags free from Notts County Council, but do we want a 1 tonne salt bag for £55 including delivery, with it being placed down at the cemetery?
      Approved unanimously.

    • Purchase of Hall tables and chairs
      The Clerk informed the council that she had ordered 3 tables using her delegated powers, as the council had lent out several tables in the past, and these could not be located, leaving us with just 14 tables to use in a hall that could accommodate nearly 300 people. Also, we do not own the cushioned chairs in the meeting room, they belong to the Friendship Club, run by Cllr Gary Adams. Cllr Dabbs recommended that the Clerk speak with Cllr Adams to come to some arrangement for the chairs to be used by other parties and groups using the main hall.
      Approved unanimously.

    • Purchase of additional acoustic panels
      The groups using the main hall, had noticed a significant improvement in the problem with sound echoing around the walls. A further £500 was requested for another load of panels and adhesive.
      Approved unanimously.

    • Council and Youth club Poppy wreath
      The representative from The Royal British Legion had left poppy wreaths for the council and Youth Club, and wooden crosses for the cemetery, the total cost to the council being £32.
      Approved unanimously.

    • Macmillan Coffee Morning credit
      The Clerk had been asked if we could credit the £20 room hire for the Macmillan event so the organiser could put the fee towards the money raised?
      Approved unanimously.

  11. Planning and Licensing Matters

    • 2 ground floor shop units with 2 bed flats above 135-137 Mans Rd.
      No objections.

    • South Leverton footpath no.s 24,25,26 Modification order.
      For information only.

    • Planning granted to Harworth Estates increase in stocking & blending area
      For information only.

  12. Legal Matter

    Refer to section 22.

  13. Burial Grants

    Mary Stone deed, approved unanimously.
    Jeanette Greaves x 2 deeds, approved unanimously.

  14. Correspondence
    • NALC

      Inviting councillors to the Annual General Meeting at Woodborough Village Hall Saturday 15th November 10.30am.

    • Neighbourhood Watch

      Parish Council News August / September.

    • NSDC

      Chairman's Murder Mystery Event.

    • RBS rialtas

      Accounts software training.

    • NAVACH

      Email invitation to their AGM Oxton Village Hall 6.15pm 27th Nov.

    • Vicky Kezandvic

      Email asking for metal detecting permission. Application rejected.

    • Rachel Staley

      Letter concerned about the proposed demolition of the Headstocks, awaiting reply. Clerk to reply.
      Denise Barraclough would like a copy.

    • Mr & Mrs Topliss / Jean Johnson

      Letters detailing anti-social behaviour along Greendale Crescent.
      Mrs Topliss and Mrs Johnson attended the meeting. They said the problems are concerning neighbour's children bothering them in the evenings and causing damage, somebody is going to get seriously hurt sometime, they need a play area or something.
      Cllr Soar said there may be some money available through the Safer Neighbourhoods Scheme, and Cllr Brownley said they need to keep ringing the police to get the incidents reported and logged.
      PCSO Thom Lammiman Greendale said it is an ongoing problem, but they are progressing with it, but they can't change it overnight.
      Perhaps the residents they could write to their MP, Mark Spencer.

  15. Clipstone Colliery Update & Ritz Cinema - Denise Barraclough

    The group is waiting on a letter from Welbeck Estates to apply for grant money from HLF, who they recently had a meeting with, also English Heritage are very supportive and lobbying government on their behalf.
    The planning application from Welbeck Estates is outstanding, and NSDC have asked them to update the information in the application.
    A public meeting in September was well attended, and they felt the public was positive and wanted to see something happening with the site.
    A NSDC conservation officer wanted to get access to the property but was denied.

    The Gala was well attended despite the weather, and there were requests for it to be held again next year? Could the council help with it next year?
    The Regeneration group have an issue with Cllr Peck's behaviour towards the funding of the scheme, when discussing it at social events.
    Cllr Soar said the issue should be taken up directly with Cllr Peck.
    Cllr Soar apologised for not attending the public meeting, but stated that she had not been informed, although other councillors commented that the invite had been read out at the council meeting (September's).
    Cllr Soar asked why Cllr Dabbs chaired the meeting, saying the council should remain impartial.

    Denise said Cllr Dabbs made that absolutely clear at the meeting.
    Cllr Soar said he would have gone there as head of the Parish Council.
    Cllr Dabbs replied that it has nothing to do with the Parish, he was invited as a resident of the village to chair the meeting. Cllr Soar said she had been told that it was giving the impression that it was being supported by the Parish Council. Cllr Dabbs replied that maybe people need to attend these meetings to know what's really going on at them.

    Cllr Soar said that people are telling her that they are feeling that they are being rail roaded by a certain group, and thinks that there could be a Parish poll to see what the local people want to do with the site?
    Denise asked about having a Parish Neighbourhood plan?

    Denise commented that The Ritz looks rundown, Cllr Thompson agreed it was rotten, but he doesn't think it is listed.
    Cllr Soar suggested getting in touch with the owners to see what they intend to do with the site.

    Headstocks - Cllr Thompson said Welbeck Estates needs to say what is happening with it, the public (Ken) was fed up with delays, there was a 55 page report that came out a while ago, but still nothing has happened.

  16. Review of Polling Stations

    Information was given at the meeting on how to put forward any thoughts the councillors or public may have on the existing or future location of Polling Stations. Posters from Newark and Sherwood District Council containing contact details have been placed in our notice board and in the Village Hall.

  17. Proposed interactive speed sign on Mansfield Road

    The council was shown a map of the proposed sitting, Mansfield Rd south of Greendale Crescent. Approved unanimously.

  18. Adopting of Principles of Broadcasting Public Meetings into Standing Orders

    Councillors were concerned that the public or press could edit the proceedings, and post an unfair account of the meeting. The Clerk assured the council that all the meetings could now be recorded with a Dictaphone to show a true representation.
    Cllr Soar reiterated that the only true legal record is the signed off minutes from each meeting.
    Approved unanimously to adopt the principles and continue to record meetings for our own records.

  19. Skate Park Update

    The application has been returned from WREN and Jan from LIS has rung to say that we could still apply for next year's funding. Cllr Soar said she was disappointed about the progress, and that the 40 questions from Kevin Kelly had not been discussed at a meeting of the Skate Park Working Group; one should have been called for this, it just seems to have been sat on. She said there is a lot of support for it. The clerk said that she was only recently put in touch with Kevin Kelly, and he was told a deadline, which he only forwarded the questions not long before. Cllr Soar said we should have had another working party with everyone concerned there, Cllr Dabbs replied that the council was under the impression that the trustees had agreed the lease. Cllr Soar thinks we have been very complacent.

    Cllr Dabbs said people should stop blocking the council from looking at alternatives for the Skate Park.

    Cllr Soar said we should have more meetings of the Skate Park Working Party, as there were all these complaints about her 'sticking her fingers in the pie too much', and nothing has happened; Cllr Dabbs replied that it is alright calling meetings, but then if people don't attend?

  20. AOB

    Cllr Vilinskis says he did not receive the paperwork for the meeting, which had been delivered by hand by one of the Parish workers; the clerk to check this.

  21. Date and time of next meeting - Wednesday 12th November 2014 at 7pm

    The public was asked to leave at 8pm.

  22. Exclusion of Press and Public

    The meeting ended at 8.55pm

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