Clipstone Parish Council Meeting Minutes April 2014


Councillors - Mr Dave Thompson (Chair), Mr Mark Dabbs, Mrs Barbara Brownley, Mrs Rose Keeton, Mr Gary Adams, Mrs Rebecca Power, Mrs Sheila Soar, Mr Kevin Halfpenny.

1 member of the public.

In attendance: Jennifer Lowe

  1. Welcome by Chair

  2. Apologies for Absence

    Cllr John Peck (NCC).

  3. Chairman's report
  4. Dave Thompson said it had been a busy year for the council, with trouble regarding legal matters. But moving forward on a positive note. Dave then introduced the new Clerk and welcomed her to the council.

  5. Financial report
  6. The Clerk produced a financial report based on the previous year's format. Sheila Soar asked if cemetery staff wages were included in cemetery costs, no, included in 'staffing'. Dave Thompson stated that precept was not £89k. Clerk informed him that the precept accounts figures had included a grant.

  7. Declarations of Interest


  8. Determination of Confidentiality


  9. Approval of Minutes from March Meeting

    Proposed Rebecca Power, seconded Gary Adams, approved unanimously.

  10. Matters arising from minutes


  11. District Council Matters

    Sheila Soar Reported:

    Attended the Environmental and Leisure committee meetings. Talk from new management team from the Hospital, about operations, budgets and PFI's (won't get any money back). Upbeat talk, more services and out of hours cover. Rumbles made a presentation for a grant, but asked for more information. No HR meeting.

    Licensing agreed to extending the hours at public bars during the World Cup. Sheila asked for the Parish Hall to be booked for a Safer Neighbourhoods meeting 27th May 2014 6.30pm.

    Sue Miller is looking for money for football and dance sessions for the children of Clipstone in the holidays, but Clipstone is not high rated for anti-social behaviour. May be able to get 'Grassroots' funding for the football. Crime in the area is low, with a few shed burglaries and car crime on the Cavendish Estate. A new male PCSO is expected soon, just for Clipstone.

    Dave Thompson Reported:

    Report from Economic Development committee, Newark projects for the town centre, which is very disappointing that nothing allocated for Clipstone. The budget seems to be all Newark centred. Newark Council are disposing of Kelham Hall for a property near Newark roundabout.

  12. Questions and Petitions from Public


  13. Feedback from Committees and Working Parties

    Sheila Soar - Skate Park meeting was held Monday March 17th 2014

    Rose Keeton stated that there was good support from the local schools.

    Clerk was asked to set up meeting with Ross Marshall. (Sheila had spoken to Richard Cleary). The builder on the site is moving off after June 2014.

  14. Finance Matters

    • Bills for payment approved unanimously
    • Late Bills for payment approved unanimously
    • Clerk request for office laminator approved unanimously

  15. Planning and Licensing Matters

    Late arriving plan 14/00524/FUL distributed to councillors as comments needed for 21st April 2014. Clerk asked to go online and retrieve additional information and then inform councillors.

  16. Legal Matter


  17. Burial Grants


  18. Request from PCSO to store bike in Village hall - this would require a set of keys and the alarm code. Agreed in April minutes but did we wish to give alarm code?

    Worries about the bike being stolen whilst on the premises, maybe be better to place in the store room. Agreed to give PCSO alarm code.

  19. Cheque received from Councillor Peck's divisional fund for £1,780 being £1,280 towards skate park project and £500 towards WW1 project.

    Acknowledged. The Auditor will need to be informed that WW1 money is in our account. Mark Dabbs asked what type of memorial it would be? Sheila Soar said it would be a plaque with an inscription and the badges from the various brigades on it, costing approximately £3.5k. Sheila would be sending letters out asking for donations, have a 4-5 year period, a long term project. The memorial would hopefully be sited at the school near Third Avenue, which has gates that can be locked at night.

  20. Skate Park Wren application

    Clerk reported that the application had been sent and an email had arrived shortly after from Katherine James (Grant Administrator) asking if a formal lease is in place. Council informed Clerk no lease, but confirm an agreement in principle. Clerk to contact WREN to discuss.

  21. AOB

    Rose Keeton complained about pot holes on Mansfield Road, and First Avenue, along the bus route. Clerk to report to Cllr John Peck (NCC). Mark Dabbs complaint about 82 Mansfield Road again. Clerk to report to planning enforcement and the police as cars being damaged due to his badly parked cars. Sheila Soar asked if there were any local byelaws that could be used, MD said that Barnsley Council had used these as they were a unitary council, but no byelaws were in place here that had been broken. There was concern that the County Council did not seem bothered about the situation of cars sales in operation on the public highways.

  22. Date and time of next meeting - Wednesday 14th May 2014 at 7 p.m AGM

    Meeting finished at 8.35pm

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