Clipstone Parish Council Meeting Minutes January 2013


Councillors - Mr Wayne Swiffin (Chair), Mr Gary Adams, Mrs Barbara Brownley, Mr Mark Dabbs, Mr Terry Harkess, Mrs Rebecca Power, Mrs Sheila Soar, Mr Dave Thompson, Mr John Peck (part)

1 member of the public and 2 members of the Police force

  1. Apologies

    None received

  2. Declarations of interest


  3. Determination of Confidentiality


  4. Police Matters

    Chair welcomed PC Appleby and PCSO Childs and invited them to talk to the meeting.

    An update was given as to incidents reported in past month. It was explained the situation in both Clipstone and Edwinstowe had been relatively quiet, particularly in comparison with Newark. Reasons for this were suggested.

    Questions were posed by members of the Council regarding the effectiveness of CCTV coverage in the Village, drug dealing activity and how reports from members of the public were dealt with. Responses given. Support requested for the reduction and thinning of trees on Mansfield Road to improve the coverage of CCTV cameras.

    Incidents of cars gathering at night in one location were reported. It was agreed this would be investigated.

    Similarly incidents of young people riding motorcycles whilst under the influence of drink or drugs were reported. Options outlined as to how this could be dealt with by the police. Members were encouraged to provide timely information about the offenders.

    Problem of obstruction of pavements by inconsiderate parking, particularly on Church Road and Third Avenue, was again raised. It was agreed this would be monitored and actioned when police were in the area.

  5. Minutes of last meeting - 12 December 2012

    Minutes agreed as a true and accurate record.

  6. Matters arising
    • Land Dispute

      Response to application for adverse possession drafted and approval given for purchase of aerial photographs for evidential purposes.

      Council's solicitor to attend next meeting to advise on options.

      Further notice received from Land Registry extending deadline for response to 27 March 2013.

    • Balancing Pond

      Amended plan of land to be transferred to Parish Council omitting the section of land enclosed by the new fencing installed by owner of 1 Forest Road received from Bovis.

      Concerns were raised regarding the possible development intentions of 1 Forest Road, particularly as Council had objected to previous planning applications on this site. It was also felt that the new fenced enclosure could restrict access to the culvert and the style of fencing would attract graffiti.

      Meeting requested with Bovis Homes.

    • Declaration of Interest and bank transfer forms


    • Dog control order

      Agreed by District Council. Plan of cemetery to be amended to include new section.

    • Roofing works to cemetery buildings


    • Van and trailer

      No progress since last meeting.

    • NCHA land

      Letter sent to NCHA advising of Council's response to proposals.

      Clarification sought and provided regarding rationale for decision. Reminder given of the need for careful consideration, particularly with regard to easements and rights of way over land at entrances to allotment site.

      Clerk to request meeting with NCHA to discuss matter further.

    • Window replacement at Village Hall

      Clerk meeting with preferred contractor on 10 January.

    • Tree survey

      Contractor appointed and to start survey as soon as possible.

    • Skate Park

      Letter sent to District Council asking for provision to be included in Cavendish Park section 106 agreement.

    • Unofficial car sales

      Report made of activities of unofficial car sales business and its impact. Planning Enforcement Officer to be informed.

  7. Feedback from Committees
    • Finance and Strategy Committee - 8 January 2013

      Minutes circulated and noted.

  8. Finance Matters
    • Budget and precept 2013/14

      Proposed budget for 2013/14, as recommended by Finance and Strategy Committee, circulated. It was advised this would mean levying a precept of £80,678. Taking into account the reduced tax base and the indicative support payment offered by the District Council, this represents an increase of 1.9% for residents.

      Budget and precept approved.

    • December expenditure

      Schedule of expenditure during December considered. Expenditure of £9,537.31 approved.

    • Roof repairs at Village Hall

      Approval sought to appoint WR Leivers to repair the village hall roof and prevent damage to new insulation. Quotation of £1,132 for removal and replacement of existing fittings accepted.

  9. Planning and licensing matters
    • Notification of decisions

      Approval for installation of security fencing at Health Centre noted.

    • New applications for consideration

      None received.

  10. Actions taken by Chair


  11. Memorial Applications and Burial Grants
    • Purchase of burial rights

      Approval requested for purchase of burial rights by Mrs Crump. Agreed

    • Reservations

      Approval requested for reservation of plot for Mr and Mrs Rawlinson. Agreed

    • Memorial applications

      Application for memorial for Mrs Cardwell approved by Clerk. Noted

  12. Correspondence

    Nothing of significance received.

  13. Consultations
    • Health Centre

      Open day arranged to provide information and gather views about the proposed new health centre arranged for Thursday 24 January between 9am and 6pm. Attendance encouraged.

  14. District Council Matters
    • Dog warden role

      District Council advised they have insufficient numbers of staff to satisfactorily fulfil this role. Training could be provided to others if sufficient interest expressed. It was agreed Parish Workers would be consulted as to their views.

    • Internal boundary review

      Matter continuing to be discussed by District Council.

  15. County Council Matters
    • Open-air surgery

      Feedback from surgery (also attended by members of parish and district council) given.

    • Extension of speed restrictions

      Monitoring undertaken of speed of vehicles entering Village on Mansfield Road. No feedback on results of this exercise yet received.

    • Highway repairs

      Potholes reported have been repaired. Concerns expressed at the standard of work and the value for money of repeatedly filling these as opposed to resurfacing road. Advice as to assessment procedure and specification will be sought when meeting at new depot.

      Pressing for information on plans to re-surface Forest Road.

  16. Matters Raised by Councillors
    • Cemetery

      Concern expressed regarding the volume of personal mementos on some graves in new section. Clerk asked to write to grave owners reminding them of cemetery rules.

    • Christmas Bazaar

      Thanks given to those who helped with this event. Feedback and lessons learned outlined.

    • Village Hall

      Concerns were raised regarding the lack of clarity about remit of Village Hall Management Committee, with members feeling they have little influence. There was also a need to develop a vision for the Village Hall and plan accordingly.

      It was agreed to include an agenda item at Parish Council meeting in March.

      Request received for hire of Village Hall to provide computing lessons. Clerk to supply information regarding conditions of hire and broadband capacity.

    • Parish Council website

      The content and design of Council’s existing website were discussed and it was agreed further development was urgently needed. It was suggested an approach be made to Stephen Bishop, PC Medic, to see if he could assist in this endeavour. Edwinstowe Parish Council has recently appointed someone to maintain and update its website, the contact details of whom can be obtained from County Councillor.

  17. Matters raised by members of public
    • Activities of car sales' businesses

      The activities of both businesses at junction of Central Drive and Mansfield Road are continuing to cause problems for local residents with neither appearing to be willing to comply with their planning conditions ie making inadequate parking provision for visitors, operating seven days a week.

      It was agreed to check the conditions attached to the Planning Inspectorate's decision to give consent for change of use at the former Squinting Cat and the timescale for these.

      There also continued to be confusion regarding the responsibilities of different agencies with conflicting advice being given to residents. It was agreed there was an urgent need for co-ordination between the agencies so that effective action could be taken. Assistance offered in dealing with the Highways department of County Council.

    • Former colliery site

      Information provided regarding the timescale of possible decisions about the future of the colliery site and the remaining buildings.

  18. Time and date of next meeting: 7pm Wednesday 13th February 2013

Meeting closed at 8.30pm

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