Clipstone Parish Council Meeting Minutes July 2014


Councillors - Cllr Barbara Brownley (Acting Chair), Cllr Rebecca Power, Cllr Rose Keeton, Cllr Gary Adams, Cllr Kevin Halfpenny, Cllr Robert Vilinskis, Cllr John Peck (NCC). Cllr Sheila Soar arrived later.

Jennifer Lowe (Clerk)

2 members of the public.

  1. Welcome by Chair

  2. Apologies for Absence

    Cllr Dave Thompson, Cllr Mark Dabbs

  3. Declarations of Interest

    Cllr Kevin Halfpenny concerning item 17.

  4. Declarations of Confidentiality


    Decided unanimously to move item 12 to Exclusion of press and public.

  5. Approval of Minutes from June Meeting

    Proposed Cllr Robert Vilinskis, seconded Cllr Kevin Halfpenny, approved unanimously.

  6. Matters arising from minutes


  7. Reports from County & District Councillors

    No reports from Cllrs Shelia Soar or Dave Thompson.

    Cllr John Peck announced that Mansfield Road had now been marked out, to be repaired, but it really needs to be re-surfaced sometime.

    He had a meeting with Mike Keeling about the flooding on Forest Road recently, and the drains were checked.

    Land at Third Avenue owned by Notts Community Housing, near the disused garages, had water flowing from here. Cllrs Barbara Browning and Rose Keeton can't remember it ever flooding. Cllr Rebecca Power suggested adding hard core there to help to stop it flooding.

    Other land owned by Notts Community Housing was in a bad state of repair, especially where residents where parking their cars.

    Cllr John Peck suggested a meeting on-site with NCH at Third Avenue. John asked if the council has taken over maintaining land at the bays, as they were in a bad state. He wondered if the Parish Council had taken over the bays' near Third Avenue, as they are in a bad state of repair? Cllr Rebecca Power stated that certain councillors wanted to take back land to make the village look nicer.

    John reported that the proposed crossing, opposite the shops on Mansfield Road were not really feasible, as Road Safety had expressed concerns. They said there had been no reported accidents at that site, and putting a crossing there could increase the likelihood of an incident, due to the position of the shops and driveways, that would make it difficult for sighting central reservations, they would be very narrow, a new design is needed.

    Cllr Peck asked how the Skate Park was progressing. The clerk read out a statement:-

    Clipstone Skate Park Group 11 am, 27th June 2014

    Attendance. Cllr Mark Dabbs (Chair), Cllr Sheila Soar, Clerk Jennifer Lowe (Notes), Trustees R Clarey, J Gillott and J Hawkins

    Discussion & Action Points

    MD - Meeting to discuss the leasing issues of the 5-a-side football pitch next to Clipstone Welfare.

    RC - he has been awaiting a lease from our solicitors.

    Clerk - had not realised they were waiting for this lease, former clerk had not mentioned it.

    MD - Items to be in the lease such as, what happens if the land is sold? Insurance and maintenance to be picked up by the Parish. Floodlights need to have electricity, to be paid for separately. Options for extra years when initial lease expires. Use of the ground to be solely for the provision of a Skate Park. Parish to pay all legal costs of lease agreement set-up.

    SS - What about planning, do we need full planning permission?

    Trustees - May get complaints from the Old Peoples Home about the noise and disturbance.

    SS - We need provision for recreation for the local children of all ages, we need change in the village to go forward.

    MD/SS - do we need fencing to help with any foreseeable problems? The noise could be blocked out by trees / sound bank.

    Trustees - the Skate Park will be good for the Welfare in attracting families and hopefully they will visit the Welfare, for food and drink. Agreed to lease with conditions.

    Clerk to email Charles Dawson, (solicitor) to arrange with Trustees solicitor a lease, then to send onto WREN.

    Cllr Gary Adams asked John when Forest Road was due to be Tarmaced? John said it was due to be done, but will now miss out in this round of Tarmacing. Jo Horton was taken on site, as this road was one of the worst in his area. Cllr Peck now has to send letters out to all the residents explaining the current situation, that Highways had had their budget cut.

    Cllr John Peck then left the meeting. 7.30pm

  8. Questions and Petitions from Public

    Denise Barraclough reminded councillors about the Clipstone Gala and asked if any of them could volunteer to present prizes on the day? She also thanked Cllr Mark Dabbs for presenting a prize at another event.

  9. Feedback from Committees and Working Parties

    Skate Park (see above)

    Cllr Sheila Soar arrived at 7.45pm

  10. Finance Matters

    • Bills and late bills for payment approved unanimously.
    • Zurich General insurance policy approved unanimously.
    • Update on Lloyds bank account - Clerk had been in touch with Lloyds and had received advice on producing a letter to bring to this meeting for all councillors attending to sign. All old signatories to that account to be replaced by Cllr Rebecca Power, Cllr Rose Keeton and Cllr Mark Dabbs approved unanimously. Clerk to arrange.
    • HR contract - The Clerk produced quotes for other HR service providers. The Clerk also said that an opportunity had arisen for her to join the SLCC (Society of Local Council Clerks) for free for 4 months. This membership includes advice on employment and HR matters. The council decided to terminate the contract with the current HR advisor, Clerk to send letter.
    • Quotes for replacement ride on mower primarily for use at the cemetery, The Mower Shop price approved unanimously.
    • Quote for Christmas lights, councillors said that the village lights were kept with this company. Clerk to try to negotiate price down.
    • Quotes for van warranty, the council declined to approve purchase due to low mileage usage in the previous year of 1400 miles only.
    • Quotes for website maintenance and hosting fees, approved unanimously.
    • Quote for on-site vending machines, rejected, councillors thought there was enough facilities in the kitchen already.
    • Clerks extra hours review (from April meeting) - councillors said they needed a professional clerk to run the office and to do this they decided that the Clerk's time should permanently rise to 24 hours per week.

  11. Planning and Licensing Matters

    Kings Clipstone Council area Neighbourhood Plan.

    Councillors expressed an interest in receiving some planning training. Clerk to investigate options.

  12. Legal Matter

    This item to be discussed in the exclusion of the press and public section at the end of the meeting.

  13. Burial Grants

    The Clerk proposed a letter to be sent out to funeral directors and other interested parties detailing rules of fees for parishioners and non-residents of the parish. Cllr Shelia Soar suggested that Kings Clipstone residents should be included, up to a certain year cut off; date to be confirmed before letter is sent.

  14. Scout Group request for funds

    Cllr Barbara Brownley read out the letter from the Scouts. Cllr Sheila Soar said that some groups are getting funding every year, and others are missing out; council agreed to send to Finance meeting.

  15. Surestart request for funds

    Council agreed to send to Finance meeting.

  16. Clipstone Camp WW1 Centenary Project - request for funds

    Council agreed to send to Finance meeting.

  17. Cllr Kevin Halfpenny thoughts on advertising on the Parish Van

    Clerk statement:-

    July Council Meeting, Agenda item 17.

    Tony Scawthon, Training Manager from Notts County Council, gave a training session to our Parish Workers on 1st July 2014, concerning Health & Safety when verge cutting and other matters.

    Later he mentioned about the Parish van in relation to cutting the grass verges. It must be highly visible, preferably white, and have a 'highways maintenance' sign on the back door, and chevrons if possible, and that other than a small parish logo or sign, there must be no other distractions on the van, including advertising of any kind.

    He stated that NCC and NSDC would 'look very badly' on any deviation of this, and if we did advertise on the van, if another vehicle driver was then distracted reading our signs while also trying to look out for our workers, and then subsequently had an accident, especially near where our workers were operating, then we may be liable for damages.

    Cllr Kevin Halfpenny said he had now secured advertising on his own van, and understood the situation with the Council's van.

  18. Correspondence
    • Wayne Oxborough

      Email concerning the general state of the village and the Cavendish Estate with reply from NCC.

      Clerk advised that she had been in contact with Mr Oxborough, and was hoping to address his concerns.

    • Paul Sharpe

      Email concerning large trees on Highfield Rd, and cutting back.

      Cllr Barbara Brownley will take a walk with the Clerk to look at the problem.

    • Sandra Lowde

      39 Eastfield Close. Concerns about flooding in her garden.

      Cllr Shelia Soar will ring NSDC to see if they have been out to take a look at the problem and any solutions.

    • Amanda Severn

      Slimming World - email wanting to tie a banner to our railings.

      Councillors declined; they thought it may look unsightly and other groups may also want to put up a banner.

    • Notts County Council

      Better broadband newsletter.

    • The Clare Bulb Co.

      Bulb price list.

  19. AOB

    Councillors asked when there was to be another Finance meeting? The Clerk to contact councillors with a convenient date and time.

  20. Date and time of next meeting - Wednesday 10th September 2014 at 7pm

  21. Exclusion of Press and Public

    Meeting finished at 9.00pm

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