Clipstone Parish Council Meeting Minutes October 2013


Councillors - Mr Dave Thompson (Chair) Mr Mark Dabbs, Mr Gary Adams, Mrs Sheila Soar, Mrs Rose Keeton, Mr Robert Vilinskis. County Cllr John Peck joined the meeting at item 6.

2 members of the public

In attendance: Phil Burgess

  1. Welcome by Chair

  2. Apologies for absence

    Beccy Power, Barbara Brownley

  3. Declarations of interest


  4. Declaration of Confidentiality

    Agenda items 21a and 21b to be dealt with after press and public excluded.

    An additional agenda item 21c relating to land to rear of Methodist chapel was allowed by chair.

  5. Approval of Minutes from September Meeting

    Agreed as a true record, passed unanimously.

  6. Matters arising from minutes

    • Item 15 - grit bin ordered for Guyler's Hill Drive.

      To be attached to fence at right of path - cleared with resident.

    • Item 18C - village hall hire rates.

      Proposal from clerk and members of working party to withdraw opening/closing charge and replace with minimum charge £17. Clerk reported receipts from hall hire have doubled to £150 per week. Change to hire rates approved unanimously.

    • AOB

      Overhanging bush on Highfield Rd - reported to NS homes. Remedy expected soon.

  7. County Council Matters

    Cllr Peck reported that the further cuts to NCC budget would result in an increase of the expected shortfall from £133 to £154 Million which would have a considerable impact on services. Council tax represents only 40% of income now.

    Plans for a 20 mph speed limit around schools are in progress but will take time. There is a resumption of street lights at night in those areas that had been switched off. Clipstone have remained on.

    Street lamps are to be replaced by cost-saving LED lights.

    LIS bid for the skate park has been signed by John and accepted. Sheila Soar asked when a decision will be made on the LIS bid. The committee sits in February but John likely to have an indication by December. LIS funding is also likely to be a victim of the cuts.

    Rose Keeton asked about the bus service after the 16 had been stopped and the 14 and 15 only go down the Mansfield road after early evening. Dave Thompson pointed out the reduction in access to local businesses at night. It was suggested that a representation was made as a Parish Council although the subsidy to the bus companies had had to be cut.

    Mike Keeling had rejected action on the 30 signs. Mark Dabbs requested the legal reasoning behind declining the changes. John Peck to investigate.

  8. District Council Matters

    Sheila Soar stated that the Jones Lang report on the Headstock's had been published and requested that the Parish Council discuss a press release. This was rejected by the chair as the council had not had sight of the report. Dave Thompson to obtain a report summary from Julia Lockwood at NSDC for distribution prior to the item going on an agenda.

    Dave Thompson reported that a new strategic plan was underway at NSDC. The last one was compiled in the 1990s.

  9. Questions & Petitions from the public

    Jim Gibson reported that the coffee morning at the scouts in aid of Macmillan Cancer relief had been a great success raising well over £200.

  10. Feedback from Working Parties and Committees

    • Assets Committee 24.09.13

      Dave Thompson reported on the above.

      • Old BMX Track to the rear of Highfield Rd would be levelled to prevent anti-social behaviour.
      • Parish Council to take over responsibility for NCHA land around Forest Rd. This would be on a payment basis rather than transfer of land. Approved unanimously.
      • Cutting of verges to be taken over from NCC Highways within 30 limits and up to the Cavendish Island. A payment of 2p per square mtr will be made by NCC for up to 5 cuts per annum. John Peck suggested we contact Edwinstowe Parish Council as they use a low-cost contractor. Takeover of responsibility approved unanimously.

    Next meeting is the environment committee on Tues 29.10.13* - no requests for agenda items. (*later cancelled nothing on agenda).

  11. Finance Matters

    • Payments in September approved unanimously.

  12. Planning Matters

    • New applications for consideration

      Re-plan of 103 dwellings to north of Cavendish Way. Council unanimously objected to removal of affordable housing from plan.

    • Decisions of Planning Authority

      22 Seventh Ave kitchen diner and garage rejected NSDC not satisfied that use was lawful.

  13. Legal Matters


  14. Memorial Applications and Burial Grants

    Burial Deeds signed for Olive Trigg, Robin Fryer & Glenice O'Shea.

  15. Co-option of Councillor.

    No nominations, position still unfilled.

  16. Christmas Lights Switch-on

    The lights will be installed on 2nd and 3rd of December. Sheila Soar requested that the Parish Council organised a switch on event. There were no volunteers for sub-committee. The clerk would arrange acts and risk assessment etc if required.

  17. Squash & Sauna Centre

    A report was given by the clerk of site visit to inspect renovations as per conditions of lease. The council was satisfied that lease conditions not breached and further rent free period until July 2014 would be allowed as specified by the lease. Action: Clerk to advise Dave Mantle of SR education.

  18. Payment of Suppliers by BACS

    Clerk proposed this be introduced. Cheques could be used for urgent cases but otherwise payments would be authorised by council prior to payment. Action: Clerk to amend financial regulations and implement BACS payments.

  19. Correspondence - All relevant papers held by Clerk
    • Consultation on Gypsy & Traveller communities from NSDC. Action: Clerk to return Consultation document with comment that no suitable sites available in Clipstone and a lack of services

    • Consultation on Developer contributions (Section106 & Community Infrastructure Levy) Action: Clerk to return consultation with approval for 30% affordable housing and comment that there is still a shortage of rented and 1 bed properties.

    • Poppy appeal disco 18th Oct RBL 7pm welfare

    • LIS acknowledgement received for skate park bid.

    • Communities & Local Government - guide to bidding for local amenities which may be closing and setting up share schemes etc

    • Greenwood team at Notts CC are offering free advice and £500 funding on tree planting projects.

    • Vicar Water visitor centre - official opening invitation. Fri 25th Oct at 12 noon

  20. Any Other Business


  21. Date and Time of next meeting: 13th November 2013 at 7pm.

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