Clipstone Safer Neighbourhoud Group

Monday 1st July 2013

The group met on 1st July at Clipstone Village hall. It was attended by Police, housing officers, members of the N&SDC community safety partnership and local councillors. Items discussed and action points were:

  1. A more proactive campaign to get residents to use the Police 101 non emergency system to report all issues that are causing nuisance or distress to residents.
    A 'REPORT IT' campaign is to be launched and information made available to residents and community groups. This information will be published on this web site in due course.

  2. Concerns were raised about inappropriate and irresponsible parking all over the parish and Police have agreed to use more warning notices where cars are parked on pavements or near junctions and are causing an obstruction or posing a safety hazzard to residents and other road users.

  3. Off road motor cycle racing is again becoming problematic in the parish. The Police 'off road' team will be paying particular attention to this. Culprits run the risk of having their machines confiscated and/ or crushed if they are not road legal.

  4. Dog Fouling is problematic in all areas despite the parish council installing twenty dog bins. Particular attention is to be paid to this and persons who allow their dogs to foul open areas run the risk of being fined up to £2000. So clean up after your dog and be a responsible dog owner and community minded citizen.

The next Safer Neighbourhood group will take place at Clipstone Village Hall at 7pm Wednesday 25th September 2013

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